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The Jumbled Up Thoughts Of A Happy Soul (III)
Sunday, November 18, 2012
1:56 AM

The other day my friends and I were remembering the times we used to spend together and the long conversations we used to share with each other. Puzzling bits and pieces of memories, we got so excited we started browsing through our personal blogs. And that's how I met the almost awesome clique, the cousins* whom I have known for years...

« Cousins are ready-made friends for life »

Because I know how much they mean to me, my friends, I'm so afraid of forgetting all the good times I had with them. This reminds me to pen down the beautiful stories I shared with the loved ones – my family and friends have made the story of my life – people I believe that they will make it into my future.

Here are some photos from the month of August--

4 August; It's beach time! We were off to the beach for some relaxing time - under the sun, on the sand, in the water. And it's all about fun, fun, fun and more fun with some steady friends around...

Half the time I was worried about being thrown into the sea even though I knew it was unavoidable. But at least I managed to sit back and watch the boys and girls chased after each other and struggled to be free. In the end, they still cannot escape getting wet... 

Popcorn, please - how much I enjoyed watching everyone struggled to survive. The most memorable scene would be a 4 (+ 4) vs. 1 fight - us against the 'storm'. He used all his power to kick and push us down. Lucky no one was hurt... 

Not to forget, all evil smiles for the camera as they were ready to snatch the 'shield' away and grab hold of me after I took this shot for them...



At the end of the day, everyone of us enjoyed all the fun we had went for. And I'm always proud of myself when I accomplish something that has taken me incredible effort. That was making this gathering a success.

Now I'm looking forward to our annual Christmas party, which will be held in Siloso Beach Resort. Celebrations of the end and beginning of each year with them. It does mean a lot to me them us. I always ask myself one question: How can we be more present, and create some meaningful time together?

11 August; Meet Summer, Spring and the sisters. It was an ordinary Saturday with the not-so-ordinary people. Cause I don't get to sit down together with the sisters to have meals as often as I want. But I'm grateful that we are able to meet more than we used to...

More than just meeting the sisters, we got to spend some time together with Spring and Summer at K9 Park. They are easy to get along with, and I'm already missing them...

The amount of time we spent with the puppies was too short. But we were hungry and craving for Chicken Hotpot; one of my favorite restaurant in nex...

I feel blessed with that special sisterly bond. Guess Kai Xin feels the same – our older sister is taking care of us. Thank you to my dearest sisters, for taking care of me every once in awhile. And this is what I wish for us; to be happily married to the love of our lives.

19 August; Five & Dime Eatery. When it comes to waking up to a healthy start - breakfast or rather brunch, I know exactly who to call. None other than Gi Siang, a brunch lover, who is willing to travel a distance for recommended eating places.

We are constantly searching for places to eat breakfast or brunch, and we almost never run out of ideas. It always feel good to have someone who has a same passion as you. For us, it will be passion for food (and exercise). I do enjoy the time spend with her, and I hope she feels the same.

21 August; Peace, Love, Joy. Jas, Qi, Na. It has been a long time since I have seen them and I decided that we should meet before we get busier and busier in our lives...

After a satisfying dinner at Ichiban Boshi, we had coffee at Starbucks. This night, we talked about what has been happening on days of our lives. It is so nice to hear from them...

To us; we may all be walking a different path, but we share each other's joy. And I'm happy we want what's best for each other.

Now I really wish I had all the time in the world to share about how I spent my days in September and October. Mind me, it's mid-November. Time flies... I'm so afraid of forgetting the good times~

The Jumbled Up Thoughts Of A Happy Soul

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