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The Jumbled Up Thoughts Of A Happy Soul (II)
Friday, July 27, 2012
2:27 AM

Since my latest blog post became a great way to keep track of my everyday life, I just have to share more bits and pieces of all things that matter to me... and I always start off with my family because they mean the most to me. I just hope no matter what happens, we will always stick together. And with that said, I intend to keep on reminding everyone about the importance of appreciating their loved ones; give thanks for the people in your life.

« Together as siblings, ready to face whatever life sends »

Back to homeland, where we belong, after traveling Taiwan from June 13 to June 23. Just a trip... I have learned that there is more than I need to know about this family. Well, although we stay under one roof, we never really stop to pay attention to each other. We do our things... there's no interrupt unless we got a topic to share, then we will talk. But occasionally we eat dinner together; the time when we can keep in touch and communicate. Unlike many other families, we never address family issues nor plan and solve problems together. We depend greatly on one person, the mother, who seems to understand the most difficult and complicated issues of life. And with that said, O Lord please give her strength and power to protect this vulnerable family!

A few days after I came home from Taiwan, I spent as much of July's time idle as possible. I met up with all my close friends as usual... one must have friendships in life; keep friends who help us tell right from wrong, give us moral support during our trying times, come to our aid when we are lost, provide us with encouragement and are not hesitant to share their time and resources.

Here are some photos from the months of June and July--

25 June; 'Endless Supper'. If I remember correctly, I met up with Conan; my closest neighbor who lives a block away. Now he is officially my special buddy, someone I can call up at 4:00a.m. I know I have said this many times before, I (or rather we) can't wait to drive... I'm quite sure he will be willing to accompany me for night suppers. Well, midnight conversation is always the best thing; that night we talked about ourselves once young and wild and free~x

« Le special "let's grow fat together" buddies »
*P.S Photo not taken at that moment

26 June; 'Din dins'. And the next night, Kai Xin and I caught up over dinner. Oh, I can't thank her enough... for not leaving me, for staying with me; for being the best sister of all time. But to be frank, other than her, I can come up with a long list of friends I don't want to separate from them. Of course, she is the most important girl friend in the whole wide universe, but everyone has a place that is special, in my heart. I'm not shy to say, I have a great capacity to give love~x

« The best of the best girls in my world • Kai Xin »

29 June; Strictly Pancakes and The Amazing Spiderman. Yes, indeed-- yet another good day to me! The boys said they miss me (I hope it's true) while I was away. Cause I miss them~ when I say it, I meant it! Please don't let our friendships be a temporary thing... I just want to say, no matter where I go (even if I'm here). I will always remember the both of you for the happy times we shared. No one can know for sure how long will this go on... but for since we have created a friendship, cherish it (that's what I was taught).

If you don't already know, they are the next favorite boys I met, after Andrew and Joshua. But come to think of it, I also rarely mention Andrew and Joshua. Well, that's not the point, point is they are all my favorite boys! And coincidentally, the initials in their names are the same; The As & Js In My Life

A relaxing night in Clarke Quay. It's been a long, long time since I last been to Clarke Quay nightlife and hang out in there; buzzing with life and activity (tonight~~~ we are young ♫). That night, Lisa introduced to us Mad for Garlic; an original wine and garlic restaurant, that is known for their garlic specialized signature dishes and Alegro Churros Bar; a chilled out alfresco churros bar that offers authentic Spanish churros and Serrano, Chorizo Baguettes, as well as original house cocktails.

I can't explain it but damn sure glad to be able to taste churro again. Prior to this, I have only eaten strawberry churro once at Tokyo Disneyland (finger lickin' good~). Happy, but a little disappointed for their chocolate churro is not as good as the strawberry churro we had!

And oh, have I mentioned before that I enjoy the relaxing and lively nightlife ambience in a delightful mix of traditional and modern Clarke Quay.

3 July; Wei Jie's birthday. We secretly planned an elaborate impromptu simple celebration for the 23 years old boy who did did not expect that. Well, I heard he was worried that one of his favorite groups of friends will not celebrate for him... but tadah~ we surprised him with a brownie cake from P.Osh and he received it with teary eyes, happy yet cranky for the surprise.

Thinkin' back, it was actually good fun; the 'Birthday Trick' changed to 'Homework' changed to 'Beer is good for health' group chat that brought us laughter throughout the plan. And if you're wondering, I created the chat without being suspicious that couples tend to peek at their partner's phone so (haha!) thankful that Josh readily changed it to 'Homework', if not our surprise plan would have fail...

I guess one of the best feelings is when effort is recognized. No need for words; can feel that he sincerely appreciate us for this birthday surprise. Actions speak louder than words. He was lost for words, anyway.

It was a good night all together, I enjoyed the food at Bibigo Hot Stone and the beer at Breko Café. Most importantly, the happy birthday boy had fun with us! Holland Village, soon?

7 July; BFF's Genting Trip. I have always wanted to travel with the girls, and I know we all want the same thing; travel together. However, every time before we start planning a trip, we realized our schedules clash and so we put aside the plan we had... meh! Until this July, we managed to set aside a weekend for a short trip to Genting Highlands...

And the best thing is, they helped me celebrate my birthday! Ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins (slurps*) I know they are the best, I always know... I wanted so badly to go to Genting Outdoor Theme Park and they accompanied me even though they have been there umpteen times. They could have chosen to go casino (oh, it's interesting!) over theme park anytime, but they followed my decision. This is what it means to say, 开心就好!

Also, it was an all-expenses-paid trip! Yes, yes, yes, I wished that daddykins will give me 300sgd (ok, I cheated I actually wished for 500sgd) and it came true. How awesome it is to have my wish came true! And somehow not surprised, the girls gave me the best birthday gift; they want to pay for the trip too! So, my travel and accommodation expenses were paid by the girls and my spending expenses were paid by daddy!

What more can I ask for? I feel really blessed when I got my wishes granted: ☑ BFFs travel together ☑ All-expenses-paid trip to Genting Highlands. Too good to be true, and immediately that night I was already missing the 44 hours of fun, joy and laughter with the girls and their boyfriends...

Now I just want to let the world know, I feel deeply thankful to have a group of close girlfriends. Thank you, dear BFFs, [Gi Siang x Sing Yee x Ying Hui x Yvonne] and I hope you all like the friendship velvet pouches!

Just remember, I bumped into my good ol' friends on my way home after the Genting trip. This one time I smiled and thought to myself, everyone is doing well. We walk a different path but I will always remember us, young and happy, once together. Nothing else matters, only happy memories~x

9 July; My 22nd birthday~! This year is a little different. I didn't plan a birthday party, neither was I meeting any of my girls for a celebration since they already have plans to celebrate before/after the actual date so I wasn't expecting much (just hoping for some birthday messages)...

But the boys gave me a simply shocking and sweet surprise, an absolutely successful one; truly jaw-dropping. The night before, Jing Long insisted to treat me with a dinner at Jack's Place and of course, I was happy enough! At 12 o'clock sharp, *tick tock, tick tock* I received the first birthday message from Andy. Also, he apologized for not being able to plan a celebration with me, due to his busy school schedule. I could accept it since I'm aware of the amount of stress he is facing. Being less observant, I told him secretly that Jing Long will be meeting me for a birthday dinner and he felt relieved that there is someone to celebrate with me. But...

Not until the birthday muffins appeared in front of me, I still believed that I was having a simple dinner with Jing Long, alone. Especially after he returned from the washroom, with nothing... when I was expecting something. I meant that is always the birthday surprise for a friend, right? And tadah~ Andy appeared with the birthday muffins from The Icing Room. My expression was priceless; I was really surprised and happy at the same time~ :')

Also, I felt incredibly lucky to receive a birthday phone call from Andrew and Joshua. Oh, you don't know how much I miss them! And the whole night I was so very, very grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love from so many friends who love me!

10 July; Another birthday celebration for me, yeah! This is one of celebrations that won't be missed, as we pledged to be there for each other on every birthday. No doubt, my beloved sister, Kai Xin. This time, I was all ready... just in case I get another jaw-dropping moment. And I was right... she invited Wei Jie (le ahgirl) to join us in the celebration. No surprise til' I saw Ruo Xuan standing in front of me. I meant I won't expect someone I met thrice to be keen to join us... it makes me really appreciate their presence...

Manhattan Fish Market
Manhattan Flaming Seafood Sharing Platter

Häagen-Dazs Fondue

House of Mini
House of Mini Cupcakes

How good can it get? I received cake from Baskin-Robbins, muffins from The Icing Room, cupcakes from House of Mini... yayyy~ cheers to the many varieties. I always know I'm fortunate for I have awesome friends who never fail to celebrate my birthday for me and I feel thankful for all who planned to celebrate this special date; for remembering me. I'm glad that God brought all the awesome people into my life. So dear Friends, please stay with me forever... I really want to grow old with them all~

// S i d e t r a c k . . . As I grow older, I realize, it doesn't matter how many birthday wishes I receive, just be thankful for what I get. Not saying, the wishes aren't that important, of course, there are people whom I would secretly expect their wishes every year. You, yes, you! So please, please, don't disappoint me. Don't ever stop wishing me, just because we are not close anymore (how close we are). //

14 July; A night with the best of favorite boys. A definite yes, they are the best boys in my abcdefg~xyz life... and all I really want is to see us happy. I know I can be annoying but I need a little reassurance sometimes... so I always ask them, are we close friends~ ready to hear em' say yes. Deep down I know that they're here with me...

15 July; Buddies get together. We had a simple lunch together to also receive souvenirs. I'm always lovin' those of my friends who think of me even when they're traveling. Wen Yu even bought a souvenir for Kai Xin. How thoughtful of him~x

// S i d e t r a c k . . . If you can't get my attention, show it to the people closest to me and you will be surprised at how grateful I will be~ deeply thankful for everyone who loves me for me, and loves my friend for who we are. //

I feel so in love with Market O Real Brownie as I was eating it; the best brownie I ever ate! Finger lickin' good brownies! Also, I like the luggage tag and keychain! All~ all the way from Korea... thank you, dear Buddy!

« All the way from Korea »

I spent that afternoon preparing uniquely personalized friendship gifts; most sincere tokens of appreciation. More than these (below) are all the gifts I got from Taiwan, for my lovely friends who matter the most in my life... thank you for being a friend, the good ones who are always giving me strength!

« To the p e o p l e who m a t t e r »

17 July; A day trip to IKEA. That day, I woke up to my parents agreeing to accompany me to IKEA Tampines. It was a happy news as I have been waiting to go there since last May - but mainly for what's nom-ing? IKEA food. I always love the famous Swedish meatballs...

To be honest, I won't shop in IKEA if I can afford high quality furniture. I would rather consider buying high quality used furniture. With that said, even my starter home must have high quality furniture without a second thought. Dream home~ I hope my other half will be supportive of my decision but if he will say to me, "Let's go IKEA to get our furniture!" I will say in all seriousness to him, "Let's get a little divorced!" Hah hah, (I hope) I'm kidding!

That night, we were talking about a famous 1983 Taiwanese tearjerker musical film, 'Papa, Can You Hear Me Sing', totally worth watching again. It reminded me of this quote, "We are so busy growing up, we often forget our parents are also growing old."

Hear this:

21 July; Singapore Blog Awards 2012. Andy and Joyce, who were nominated for the award categories, invited us to join them in the awards ceremony at the world's largest observatory wheel, The Singapore Flyer. It was an eye-opening event for me...

« Pow, boomz, we are sexy and we know it! »

« Singapore Food Trail »

The nominees and invited guests were presented with a goodie bag, inclusive of free ride on Singapore Flyer. Although I have been on the Singapore Flyer (many times) but each time I went on it with different groups of people; family, friends. And every time, it was a brand new experience to have a bird's eye view of the city...

« Up, up, up, reaching for the sky »

« In the capsule of a giant ferris wheel »

That night, we joined the massive crowd to watch the awe-spiring fireworks displayed during the NDP 2012 Preview. Too beautiful, I caught heart-shaped fireworks~ :')

« B O O M , H E A R T S H A P E D F I R E W O R K »

« We spell, C O U S I N S *»

It was a 'oh-so-happy' day with Andy, Angie, Conan, Fenny, Jing Long, Joyce, Li Mei, Ruo Xuan, Wei Jie and Ying Zi. The cousins. I'm very thankful to this group of dear Friends for bringing so much joy into my life. No words can describe how much I have enjoyed the Saturday with them.

And I have truly learned so many things, about myself and others, in just 15 hours! M y s t e r i o u s l y amazing, to make me say I want be a better me!

// S i d e t r a c k . . . I used to believe that first impressions were useful or guaranteed judgment methods. But now I tell myself I should never solely depend on them. Maybe I caught the person at the wrong time or wrong place. Maybe I were not getting the complete picture or facts. All the Maybes... //

28 July; Marina Bay Sands Hotel Stay-cation. It was more fun time with girls and their boyfriends. This time we stayed in the world-class luxury hotel in Singapore. We played card games, drank Anchor beer, and the best part was we chit chatted (sharing our lives) through the night...

Greatly thankful to Yvonne for this unexpected opportunity, I got to enjoy privileged access to the iconic Sands Skypark and stunning Infinity Pool (again!). Not to swim, just to get a magnificent view of Singapore (light up night sky). I will always remember a night like this...

« Magnificent view of Singapore cities »


What's better than waking up to the instant at which the upper edge of the Sun appears on the horizon in the morning... maybe simply waking up to the person you love every day~


« Amazing view of Gardens by the Bay »

I do want to visit Gardens by the Bay, one of Singapore's newest tourist attractions. Soon I will be there. But first, it's time for a change in hairstyle. Well, it's time that is not on my side. Since I started working, I have been napping for an hour or two when I got home every evening. I don't know, I really don't know how to manage my time for this September onwards...

Even though, since May, I looked forward to the month of July (and after) with mixed feeling; the excitement of learning something new, with the fear of not being able to cope. Now that, I have officially started piano lessons... I want to enjoy the joys of playing piano with peace of mind. There is just something about the awe inspiring sound of the piano that always makes me happy. It helps keep me sane. And yes, I promised myself to put my best efforts. And no matter how hard the journey, I never going to give up. So here I am... coming to the end of August. I'm s u r v i v i n g !

The Jumbled Up Thoughts Of A Happy Soul

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