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The Jumbled Up Thoughts Of A Happy Soul (I)
Thursday, July 19, 2012
1:11 AM

I realized all my thoughts have not been shared for a long while... so here I am to share a little of my life. It's July, and I'm still alive... wandering in my own world. It's neither good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.

Half a year has passed, ever since I spend less time on my personal space... well, I lost track of time. It feels like I lost my memory, and the other day I was trying so hard to remember what had I been doing every past Saturday. That I relied on Facebook and Twitter. Greatly dependent on social media and technology. Not cool, but sadly true. Where I peeked into my train of thoughts, and eventually managed to trace back my thought processes.

In mid-May, I ended my job with my former company. Meaning to say, I'm officially unemployed. It took me a lot of courage to move from being an experience designer to an inexperience administrative assistant or human resources assistant or marketing assistant or sales coordinator. Yes, after a week of sending out my resume, I received calls from agents. But I haven't had a job interview, yet. It's only natural to feel a bit disheartened but I'm not worried at all. Come on, I'm sure I will be wanted. I will be in an ideal company in no time. 'Cause I just got a feeling!

Heaven you must be wondering where have I been, perhaps what have I been doing, during the long hiatus. Instead of nothing new, I've got something new to share. This last June, I went to Taiwan with my family. We covered Taipei and Kaohsiung which are, in Northern Taiwan and Southern Taiwan, respectively. As much as I've enjoyed myself with the family during our vacation, I was a little disappointed that my brothers hearts weren't in it. They got me tired of being disappointed. Yet, deep within a space tucked within the caverns of my heart, I knew there had to be a happy way out. So, I had all my attention focused on my grandmother and all went well.

« A Family in Harmony will Prosper in Everything »
— at Pingxi District of New Taipei City, Taiwan

// S i d e t r a c k . . . If there's one thing I'm proud of, it's the amount of love spreading in my family. Yet not completely honest, as part of me still hold fear. I'm afraid of my parents giving up on this perfect family in my eyes. I have trouble having faith that things will turn out okay. There are times when my parents suddenly begin to have thoughts of leaving the siblings. No, I don't blame them. It is us who never appreciate when they are selflessly giving charity of love. All their best.

It is true that my greatest strength comes from the family. But ironically, they are my greatest weakness too. Do you see the problem here. I can't afford to lose my daddy and my mommy, and my brothers. I can go anywhere and everywhere as long as I have my family by my side. That makes me wish. They'll stay and never leave my life. But sometimes, my will gets weak. Then, I will remember we pledge to die together than live alone. //

About a month before our vacation, I was excitedly researching on places to go, as well as things to eat in the famous night markets. Planning an itinerary takes a lot of hard work, especially if you're traveling with families of all ages. Now reflecting on the vacation, I'm still proud I managed to plan an ideal itinerary and budget for a tour of Taiwan in 10 days. But of course, the greatest help came from the private hire driver who put great effort in rearranging the itinerary to save time while we moved from city to city. Also, he kept me informed about the natural disasters occurring then, and warned about the places to avoid. I had to say we're incredibly lucky to escape from the natural disasters occurring during our trip in Taiwan. First there was an earthquake, then came the flood that lasted after a typhoon hits. Thank you Lord for watching over us!

In that time period, before I traveled out of Singapore, I also have been meeting up with my dear Friends. I spent almost all of my weekends with different people in my life.

Here are some photos from the months of May and June--

Immediately after quitting my job, I've told myself to enjoy each and every day to its fullest. I got to spend more time with my family and friends. And of course, myself. No doubt, I'm loving my life now. I have more time for myself, but I'm getting bored. It feels like every cell in my body is shaking me to do something more with my life, and here I'm taking the time to share some of the many things that have happened since May...

19 May; A day of pizza and bowling at Marina Square. Andy wanted us to join him for his favorite hobby and the most spontaneous group of friends readily agreed to his plan. It was so hard for me to hold a 'Number 8' ball and I could barely score more than 50 points. But what matters was we gave each other encouragement throughout the games. After the games, we had our favorite drinks before we parted ways for the night.

« S T A R B U C K S • F A N A T I C S »

(via @ANdyStorm)

A night at Chomp Chomp Food Centre and Udders @ myVillage, Seragoon Gardens. I went to meet the old friends for chat over dinner. We have endless topics to talk about... national service, study, work, investment, travel, etc. They never fail to let me learn something new from them; things I won't learn in school. Knowledge.

That night, the most memorable thing was we created a '那些年我们一起吃 ICE CREAM' moment. Imagine a day in the future, we sit down to eat ice cream hot desserts and we all exclaim, "We have grown old!"

« B U D D I E S 4 L I F E »

I could spent nearly eleven hours outside with so many friends... a long and tiring, but fruitful day. Nothing beats hanging out with the people you love, who love you in return! ♥

27 May; A day with le family, a night with le friends. My parents and I attended Travis's baby shower. He's such a happy boy~!! While many others surrounded the baby boy, I accompanied my first cousin, Bernice, into her games. I can't help but mention that she looks like a Korean...

« Le Korean look alike first cousin »

During the families gathering, my parents learned about immigration and I came to realize how much my parents wished to migrate to Australia. I never thought they'd think about leaving Singapore. I was so sure we won't leave our home, where we belong, but I was wrong. It actually scared me a little but I've learned something from this sudden decision, "Everything is temporary, we're not supposed to get attached to anything."

As much as I wish I can fulfill their wish, it's such a chore to go through the procedure and there is no guarantee that we will success in migrating. Hence, I urged them to ditch the idea. To stay in Singapore and live happily ever after.

« The Js • Joyce, Jiaqi, Jingling »

That evening, we headed to Starbucks @ Pacific Plaza to chill over coffee and chit chat about the future, etc. Reality hits us hard. Where will we be in five years? Where will we be living? What will we be doing? Who will we be doing it with? What will we have achieved?

// S i d e t r a c k . . . I used to be the girl who played through the night with friends, anywhere but home. I never need my parents to worry for me because they trust me to take care of myself. They give me more freedom than anyone can give, yet I wish for their attention. It is not that they don't care about me, but I want them to remember my presence.

Now, I got much more attention from them but I felt a tad guilty to cause them to worry for me. There were so many times when I missed the last bus and my mom offered to fetch me. She would say, 'I'm worried about your safety.' //

So that was the night, while I was on my way back home, I secretly teared up. I told myself that whoever comes into my life and love me like my parents do, I will give him my heart.

9 Jun; A day trip to Johor Bahru. It was our first overseas trip and although I wish we could go further than Malaysia, I'm glad we successfully planned the trip. It wouldn't have happened so soon, if Meldric didn't mention his wish to spend a weekend with the *cousins in Malaysia before he enlisted into the Police Force. Most important, thanks to Wei Jie, for taking over me to plan the trip...

« Cousins Are Friends That Will Love You Forever »

All the way we went JayBee to eat, eat, eat, and eat non-stop! It was a long and tiring, but fun and happy day with them. I remember, I was and I am in love with all the photos we took in JayBee! ♥

9 Jun; Singapore Twitter Frenzy with Sentosa. It was Sentosa's 40th birthday! I was invited by @omySG, together with @dOnnlicious, @fennyhwang and @forest330 to attend this event. But honestly, I won't be there if my 'dear Bitches' didn't attend the event. Especially Don, who I haven't met since 123456789 weeks then. It sounds silly but I really miss him. And yes, although it was a short event, I enjoyed their presence. They made me feel comfortable even though we were among people we have never met before...


(via @fennyhwang)

Now... a little progress in planning for a fun-filled Sentosa outing with the *cousins and well, I'm missing the bitch beach and the bitches! The outing date tentatively set on the first or second weekend of August, and I hope everyone can make it out! Keep yourself alive~

The Jumbled Up Thoughts Of A Happy Soul

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