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Just two days of Chinese New Year
Saturday, February 18, 2012
3:11 AM

Everyone knows, Chinese New Year is the longest and most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving.

The first day of Chinese New Year is a time to honor one's elders. My family visited the oldest and most senior members of our extended families...

At my maternal grandmother's place,
{where I used to stay when I was a baby}

{Family x Photo}

Grandma even prepared some of our favorite dishes, Curry Chicken and Braised Pork Belly. From young, we were so in love with her home-cooked meals. After all, nothing says love like a home-cooked meal.

{Curry Chicken with Potatoes}

{Braised Pork Belly/ Lu Rou}

Due to tight schedule, we had a quick meal before leaving for our next destination. Therefore, we didn't get a chance to catch up with our maternal aunts and uncles, and cousins. Furthermore, the chances of us meeting them in the rest of the year are slim. And, unlike my brothers, I rarely bump into my kinfolks.

At my paternal grandparents' place,
{where my elder brother used to stay when he was a baby}

{...where bonding begins}

During our family gathering, the youngest generation will always become the center of attention. In another words, all of us have our moments; now or before. I guess that's fair.

{Grandpa n' his grandchildren}

So my aunt suggested that we take photos with our grandparents since we don't always have photo moments together. My grandpa was spontaneous, whereas my grandma wasn't ready for the shot. Therefore, there was just us as the rest of my cousins were not there at that moment.

{My brothers n' I}

Also, my brothers and I took a photo together. Well, I guess {without the caption above}, anyone will think that the one on my right is my boyfriend and the two on my left are my elder brother and younger brother {respectively}. It's okay, I get that a lot!!!

After the visit to our paternal grandparents' place, we will always be reminded to visit our extended families of the paternal side...

On the 13th day, people will eat pure vegetarian food to clean out their stomach due to consuming too much food over the last two weeks. However, it was different for me. I ate as much as I could since the food was prepared to my liking. And what's more can I ask for, when Jing Long specially bought the grill table because I wanted grill cooking so badly.

Lou-hei ah!!!!!

{Good food - nicely prepared}

{15 people at the dining tables}

It is a rare occasion to have most of the cousins* presented that night. Like Christmas, this is another occasion that we will celebrate together. And if you did realize, it's the beginning and the end of a year...

{Dearest Cousins*}

We played ban luck and/or mahjong before we rushed off to catch the last train... But sadly, Conan and I missed our last bus so we decided to have supper at McDonald's. And we unknowningly chatted till around 3am before we headed home...

I was really glad to see everyone again, after coming back from Japan. Of course, this gathering wasn't easy to plan but Jing Long did it well and I'm so proud of him. All thanks to this dearest brother and his mom~ :)

So that's how I celebrated with my family and friends for this Chinese New Year. Just two days, as the rest of the days I was enjoying in Japan.

And before I end this post, this is the best wish I received {from dearest Joshua}:
"This is going to be a good year for you & your family! It's your year! Ahaha!"

WHY?!?!?! Because my brothers have 'long' in their names and I was nicknamed after them as 'longlong'. So it will definitely be a good year for us! Hehehe~ :)

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