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It just came to my mind...
Sunday, January 1, 2012
11:11 PM

I said I would, so here I am--
to list down my New Year's resolutions.

I always think the harder I list them all, the hardest it is to achieve.
Go with the flow will be the best answer for someone like me.

This time it unknowingly came to my mind.

I thought I would share it here.

So, let's get it started...

Improve well-being: exercise more, lose weight, eat better, drink lesser

Since August 2010, I have been with Wellness for Life Chiropractic, where the chiropractors adjust misalignments of my spine to achieve optimal alignment in it and to establish uninterrupted nerve flow, so that my body can function at its best level. It is not an easy journey as I had to do 4 different types of stretching daily, as advised. It takes up 1.75 hours of every 24 hours. As difficult as it seems, I chose to continue the journey after 1 year with them, only because of my health. It showed a significant improvement at month 12.

With that said, I have to keep to my 'Original Schedule of Adjustments' (OSA) because 1 missed adjustment in a week can set me back in my healing an entire week. I also have to constantly remind myself that home traction and postural exercises are as important.

Beside that, back in July 2011, I had my weight taken. According to my Muscle-Fat Control, I need to gain 11.6kg muscle and lose 0.7kg fat. It's visceral fat (intra-abdominal fat) - the fat that surrounds the internal organs. In other words, I have to lose the excess 0.7kg of visceral fat, also known as "belly fat". As much as I hate to say it, I need to lose weight in my stomach! So please stop saying I'm skinny! Just like how the fat people dislike skinny people for saying they need to lose weight, I dislike it when people say I'm skinny and I need to put on weight instead of lose weight. They don't understand how tough it is for skinny people to hide their belly fat!

Therefore, I decided to eat better and drink less. I have been skipping dinner or eating dinner late, which is really bad for my health. But that's just how my family do. Also, I don't always drink but on occasions like birthdays and festivals, I might drink a little bit more than I should. Now I need to learn to say no to alcoholic drinks!

I have made a commitment to improve my health. What about you?

"Happiness is Wealthiness is Healthiness."

Improve finances: save money

I have been saving since the beginning of 2011 but I didn't meet my savings target for 2011. It just goes to show how I lose focus in the midway. To make worse, in 3 days of last December, I agreed to go to Japan this January. I still can't believe I did that but I have no regrets. Firstly, it is one of the countries I want to visit. Secondly, I'm going with friends I want to travel with. Thirdly, I don't need to worry about the itinerary. Fourthly, I may get to touch and see snow. Lastly, I truly feel I deserve a holiday!

Therefore, I promise myself to save harder when I'm back as to hit my saving target as soon as possible. I should be able to reach it at end of the first quarter of this year. The most challenging part is keeping the money; to never spend a single cent of my saving. If I did it, I will then decide my saving target for 2012. It will definitely be lesser than that of 2011 because I am determined to take some time and money out to learn something new. I'm also planning to set aside a small amount of money for my parents.

So, I can't expect myself to save as much as I did last year, unless I get a reasonable pay raise soon. I mean, really soon.

"Fail to plan, plan to fail."

Improve career: get a better job

Talking about finances, I might need a job that can provide me with a better salary and has more beneficial. I'm embarrassed to say my current salary is the average salary for a graduate. And I feel certain that I deserve a raise! If it doesn't happen any time soon, and even if it doesn't reach my expected salary, I will consider looking for a new job.

However, there are many things to take into consideration before I decide to quit. As you may know, I have been with this company for approximately 1.3 years and I'm getting more comfortable at my current job. Even when my colleague and I encounter conflict in the office, we will attempt to resolve it. I believe, that no matter where I go, I will face people who are negative, people who oppose my ideas, people who piss me off or people who simply do not like me. Conflict is a fact of life and that's why I'm staying positive in this current job.

Also due to my tight schedule, since I'm taking some time out to learn something new, I'm unable to get a job with high stress and/or long hours. I don't want to be overwhelmed by stress, leading to poor health for myself. I make sure I avoid physical and mental stress at work.

Hence, I will make a decision at a later date. Even though I have always been reminded that, "The sooner you start, the sooner you will be working at a job you love, one that fulfils you, that challenges you, that you look forward to each and everyday."

"If you don't get out of your shell. You are just a NUT!"

Improve education: learn something new

As I have mentioned before, I'm learning something new and I have made up my mind on just these two things; to learn to play the piano and to learn to drive. I think that's more than enough to occupy my time?

When I was younger than 7 years old, I refused to learn to play the piano. I also refused to learn ballet. When I attended higher primary school, I admire people who can play musical instrument and I deeply regret my decision. Sad to say, until today, I can't read music. But my parents have encouraged me to go ahead and learn it. So last december I visited the music school and ordered a digital piano. It will be in our house on January 14! I'm kind of excited, and I'm looking forward to take up piano lessons! I somehow hope that my brothers will learn it too! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

As to driving, my parents have been encouraging me to learn it since I was 18 but it was not what I wanted. I always wanted to learn to ride until recently. I changed my mind. I guess I have went through the rebellious phase and I'm starting to appreciate and respect my parents' decisions. As of now, I have decided to learn to drive after I put aside S$2000 for it. If everything goes well, it should happen in this April.

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."

Improve self: manage time better, be more independent, keep track of my life, take a trip, volunteer to help others

I obviously need to manage my time well since I'm learning new things. Honestly, I'm unprepared for this long and tiring journey but what matters most is I must be ready to spend more time with my family. We used to go on a picnic, kite flying, cycling and/or fishing on the weekend, but it hasn't happened for a long time. I can't even remember the last time we gathered for those activities. But, at least be thankful we have been having dinner together. I know it's not enough, I want to do more. I love my parents. And I hope my brothers will remind me that we are so busy growing up, we often forget our parents are also growing old.

I need to give generous time, money and love to my family. After all, their love is the best gift I could ever receive. They certainly deserve more from me and I don't want to regret spending too little on them.

At the same time, I need to keep track of my life. I have to take time off my busy schedule to sit down with myself and reflect on my life. I will be spending less time on social media but when there is spare time, I hope to share the happenings of my life.

I especially want to share with everyone my experience in Japan. I really can't wait to go there with Lisa, Serena and Shu Fen!!! ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈ ✈

If there is chance I can travel with my family to Taiwan, I will be more than happy.

Lastly, I want to volunteer and help others (Flag Day, etc) . They say the best thing to do if you're feeling poor is to give something away. I guess I have understand what it meant.

"If you don't program yourself, life will program you."

And love is a word used too much and much too soon...


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