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A trip to Haw Par Villa...
Monday, December 12, 2011
9:20 PM

Due to the unforeseen rain, it was a quick trip to Haw Par Villa. We only visited the most well-known attraction, 'The Ten Courts of Hell', with gruesome depictions of hell in Chinese mythology...

(*Disclaimer: Some photos of the exhibition from Haw Par Villa depict victims of violent torture in Hell which may be considered by some people as objectionable. Readers are advised to view at their own discretion.)

The Ten Courts of Hell

"Buddhists believe that reincarnation is a form of reward a retribution on their journey to Nirvana. The Ten Courts of Hell are purgatory where a person is sent to be punished for the sins and misdeeds of their past life. A sinner must go through all Ten Courts and in the tenth, final judgment will determine his form of reincarnation.

The legend of the Ten Courts of Hell tells of the punishment that await sinners after their death but before reincarnation is determined. The sinner is sent to 'hell' where he will be tormented by demonic-looking 'Yama attendants' for the misdeeds he has committed in his past life.

In purgatory, the Ten Courts of Hell are a labyrinth of infernal dungeons, each presided over by a judge who is known as the 'President' and a Registrar of Life and Death. The Presidents are recognized by their long black beards and square flat hats from which hang strings of beads. Registrars record the details of the punishment and hold a brush and set of documents.

The sinner will go through nine courts before judgment is finally reached. In each of the nine courts, he is punished for the particular sin that he has committed." -Singapore Paranormal Investigators

First Court of Hell Yama: King QinGuang

"In the First Court of Hell, King Qinguang conducts preliminary trials and each prisoner is judged according to his deeds in his past life. The 'good' are distinguished from the 'evil' and the King recommends appropriate reward or punishment. Punishment is then carried out in the various Courts."

"Those with virtuous conduct in their past life will be led over the 'Golden Bridge' to reach paradise."

"Those whose past good deeds outweigh crimes committed will be sent to the 'Silver Bridge' to reach paradise."

"Those who were evil doers in their past life will be sent to repent before the Mirror of Retribution' and then taken to a subsequent Court of Hell to be punished."

Second Court of Hell Yama: King ChuJiang

[Crime: Corruption / Stealing and gambling → Punishment: Frozen into blocks of ice]

[Crime: Prostitutes → Punishment: Thrown into a pool of blood and drowned]

Third Court of Hell Yama: King SongDi

[Crime: Ungratefulness / Disrespect to elders / Escape from prison
Punishment: Heart cut-out]

[Crime: Drug addicts and traffickers / Tomb robbers / Urging people into crime and social unrest
Punishment: Tied to red hot copper pillar and grilled]

Fourth Court of Hell Yama: King WuGuan

[Crime: Tax dodger / Refusal to pay rent / Business fraud
Punishment: Pounded by stone mallet]

[Crime: Disobedience to one's siblings / Lack of filial piety
Punishment: Grounded by a large stone]

"Wang-Si Town - This accommodates those where were wronged and driven to their death. They would be asked to view how their enemies receive retribution. They would then be judged on their past deeds and given an appropriate punishment."

Fifth Court of Hell Yama: King YanLuo

[Crime: Plotted another's death for his property or money / Money lenders with exorbitant interest rates
Punishment: Thrown onto a hill of knives]

"The viewing Home Tower is for the evildoers to see how their relatives and family are suffering as a result of their wrong-doings."

Sixth Court of Hell Yama: King PienCheng

[Crime: Cheating / Cursing / Abducting others
Punishment: Thrown onto a tree of knives]

[Crime: Misuse of books / Possession of pornographic material / Breaking written rules and regulations / Wasting food
Punishment: Body sawn into two]

Seventh Court of Hell Yama: King TaiShan

[Crime: Rumour-mongers / Sowing discord among family members
Punishment: Tongue pulled out]

[Crime: Rapists / Driving someone to their death
Punishment: Thrown into wok of boiling oil]

Eighth Court of Hell Yama: King DuShi

[Crime: Lack of filial obedience / Causing trouble for family members / Cheating during examinations
Punishment: Intestines and organs pulled out]

[Crime: Rapists / Driving someone to their death
Punishment: Thrown into wok of boiling oil]

Ninth Court of Hell Yama: King PingDeng

[Crime: Robbery / Murder / Rape / Any other unlawful conduct
Punishment: Head and arms chopped off]

[Crime: Neglect of the old and the young
Punishment: Crushed under boulders]

Tenth Court of Hell Yama: King ZhuanLun

"In the Tenth Court, there is the 'Wheel of Reincarnation' and the 'Pavilion of Forgetfulness' ("Men-Po" Pavilion)."


"After serving their sentences, prisoners arrive at the Tenth Court where King Zhuanlun passes final judgement. The prisoners are then brought to the 'Pavilion of Forgetfulness' where an old lady 'Men Po' hands them a cup of magic tea which on drinking, makes them forget their past lives."

"They will then go through the 'Wheel of Reincarnation'. Depending on the prisoner's past life, he would either be reborn as a human or an animal. Some would be reborn into a life of ease and comfort while others into sorrow and suffering."

Yes, I'm a sinner. I believe we are all sinners one way or another. But being a sinner does not make us a bad person. Learn how to minimize your sins, understand the power of self forgiveness, and have faith in yourself and God.

When we came out of Hell, the Heaven is crying. We didn't have a chance to make our wishes in front of the wishing well but.. I always wish on the moon (☾) and the stars (✰) and aeroplane (✈) !

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