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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
12:48 PM

A L L S M I L E for K A I X I N

Kai Xin's 21st birthday was successfully planned! It was supposed to be a sister date, just she and I, but I decided to give her a moment of surprise that I can actually say... seized her? I invited Jing Long, Li Mei and Wei Jie to join us for her birthday dinner, which she totally didn't expect it!

I needed their help to carry out the plan and they were unexpectedly good at it. I was totally impressed with them for coming out with a better plan than mine. Well, my plan was ruined due to overtime and... I was feeling exhausted from too many bad encounters in a day. Yet I was still smiling because of her.

It may be an easy and inexpensive dinner but we greatly enjoyed our food and each other's presence. We were giggling at all our small actions... Jing Long and Li Mei bickered over a cup of mashed potato, Li Mei left a spoonful of rice on her iron plate, etc.

After our meal, I took Kai Xin to the restroom while the rest stayed in the fast food steakhouse to write their wishes on the handmade paper bag and light up the candle on the slice of cake.

Kai Xin

Jia Qi

Jing Long

Li Mei

Wei Jie

Kai Xin, the happiest and luckiest girl, gave us her widest smile when receiving her present. I was sure she will like the present. As she can use it to capture every happy moment of her life with family and friends.

{Handmade paper bag - colorfully decorated with our wishes}

{Birthday present - nicely wrapped with sweet looking paper}

{Instax mini 7s - keep your photos and memories alive)

To end this post.. here is--
photos of the the birthday girl and us;
Sister, may our friendship gets stronger everyday...
T h a n k Y o u F o r A l w a y s B e i n g B y M y S i d e !


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