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Christmas 2011;
Friday, December 30, 2011
2:06 AM


I remember last Christmas Eve with the girlfriends was spent at Timbre @ The Substation and last Christmas with the *cousins was spent in Studio M Hotel. It was one of the most memorable year-end I had.

And this year, the *cousins decided to book a hotel room at Hotel Re! It has become an annual gathering for us... to celebrate our friendship.

{Hotel Re! - modern retro themed boutique hotel}

{At the Entrance to Hotel Re! - wonderful surprise}

{At the Reception - swirls of vivacious colors}

{At the Waiting Area - relaxing in modern retro comfort}

We waited for an hour...
{At the Lift Lobby - retro feel}

{In the Lift - attractive lighting}

When we arrived at the 10th storey, the first room no. that caught my eyes was 1010! I see this number very often then but not anymore after it came out as first prize in 4D. Now I have been seeing 1001!!! Talk about coincidence...

{Room No. 1001 - I have been seeing this number very often now!}

{Premier Triple Room/28sqm - three single beds}

{LCD TV - movie/sport channels}

{Glittery Mosaic-tiled Bathroom - standing shower}

{Hotel with View of Chinatown - serene and scenic environment}

We decided to keep the room neat and tidy... display the snacks and drinks on the glass shelves, keep our bags and shoes in the wardrobe, etc.

{Eat the day away - Snacks and Drinks}

Thanks to Kai Xin and Wei Jie who reached Carrefour @ Plaza Singapura early and grabbed everything, with no further instruction given. I like it when my friends take initiative instead of waiting for things to happen! -thumbs up-

{Drink the night away - Lime juice, Plain water, Lemon tea}

Thanks to Josh for the drinks that kept us awake for the night... I can't imagine the night without the plain water! E X T R E M E L Y BORING!?

...since we were all so bored with nothing to do in the day! Some were watching 'How to Train A Dragon', 'Shrek Forever', 'Karate Kid' while I lay on the #foreveralone bed with my beloved MacBook.

Until finally, they decided to join me and play with photo booth for awhile before we headed to People Park Food Centre for our late lunch! We were so hungry we could die!

When we were on our way back, "Beep! Beep! Beep!" It's Jing Long on his bike! Like a cool only~

And he was complaining, Y U ALL NO BUY FOOD FOR ME! So, in less than 2 hours, we decided to ride out to order and delivery 2 sets of KFC Family Feast... I'm proud to say it was delivered by Jing Long, Meldric and I! #likeapro


After filling our stomachs with food, we were A L I V E again! Take photos! Lots and lots of photos with the dearest *cousins! ()

{ANdyStorm. leongraphy. getme0ut. Swiszy.}

WE GOT EVERYONE TO JOIN US! It feels like it was just yesterday, when we got to know each other. And now, it is the end of 2011... I have know all of them for more than 2 A M A Z I N G years! Without them, my weekends will be mehhhhh... I'm glad we have pulled through so much. Thank you all for bringing so much fun, joy and laughter!

fGuOCv on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
{Just for Laugh}

Suddenly, someone shouted, 'Running Man~!!' The next moment, a few of us were jumping on the bed and hoping to capture our 'Peaceful Gary' look in the photos... but D A N G ' the expressions on our faces are da bomb.

Well, I was really excited to play the 'Running Man Photo Zone Game'... but it stopped in 5 minutes!? Stay Calm, Carry on... to take facial expressions! Take 1: Pouting! Take 2: Smiling! Take 3: '=Þ'! Take 4: '✌'!

Again, we were stopped... to join everyone to take group photos!

At 11:55PM, we prepared the log cake and waited for Joyce to appear... like T A D A H S Cinderella needs to be back home to us at 12:00AM~!!

Thanks @Sparklette for the amazing looking log cake!

So we sang, "Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells! Jingle All The Way! Blah blah blah, blah blah blah, lalalalala~" then continued with, "We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, We wish you a Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year!" A memorable joyous moment when we all gathered around the cake and sang together before we tasted the chocolicious cake. B E S T ! ☆~

At the same time, Andy surprised everyone with little gifts and cards! A thoughtful gift idea! It is very rare to find guys who sincerely prepare gifts for friends...

{Love is sharing - feeding each other}

{Our little gifts - how thoughtful of Andy}

And out of nowhere... someone shouted 'TAUPOKKKKK!' and the next thing I knew, the guys were sitting on top of each other, screaming at the top of their lungs. If you don't know, 'Taupok' (originally called 'Touch Ball') is a physical and rigorous activity that take place when you least expected it. Even when.......... TAUPOKKKKK!

{Round 1 - Attack Andy}

{Round 2 - Attacked Meldric}

{Round 3 - Attacked Wei Jie}

While the night is still young, let's start with drinking 'plain water' games! First was 'Drunken Tower', the game of steady hands, big laughs and seeing double! It has a same concept with the famous block stacking game 'Jenga' with a wild twist. The game comes complete with 4 shot glasses, so add liquor and play by the rules or create your own. Next was 'Circle of Death', this game requires players to do certain actions that are associated with each card. It is played with different house rules assigned at the start of the game.

{Start of the Game - E N T H U S I A S T I C}

{Drinking Games}

{Drunken Tower}

{Circle of Death}

{After hours - Z O M B I F I E D}

Nooooo! We're not drunk, we're just tired. Yet we decided to play 'Truth or Dare' or rather 'Dare or Dare' to keep everyone awake and involved in the game. It was blah! Kiss here kiss there? Ohhhhh, I got to kiss Kai Xin's hand! :|

Next morning, I was browsing through countless number of photos taken at Hotel Re! for Christmas Party! Fun, Joy and Laughter! I really love being around the *cousins!

TIME TO TIDY UP EVERYONE! We took turns to shower and here is-- our shag faces... trying to look good with our eye bags! O.O

Funny how time flies when we're having fun...

P.S Happy New Year 2012!


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