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Saturday, November 12, 2011
2:33 AM

Yvonne's 21st birthday was celebrated at Aloha Loyang Resort (Terrace 10 Jupiter). It is situated along the peaceful Pasir Ris Beach for everyone to enjoy a different experience. There is always something fun for everyone throughout the stay if we make use of the great facilities; Arcade, BBQ Pit, Children Playroom, Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, etc.

As I had to work, I arrived at the decorated chalet late... in the night. It is Color themed birthday party! I was dressed in Purple. The girls and I were all dressed up in different colors; Gi Siang in Yellow, Sing Yee in Orange, Ying Hui in Green. We, and the boys, sure did brighten up the atmosphere.

The Pool Terrace is a Double Storey Unit with 4 rooms; 2 Queen 4 Single. We occupied the double single bedroom on the 2nd storey for awhile before her other friends requested to have a space in the room for them to play mahjong... therefore we gave up the room.

Needless to say, there is food catering... but that's not all, there is also barbecue food too. We can't stop eating, reason being that food was being served to our table.

Food temptation!

Before the cake cutting session, we presented our creatively wrapped gifts for her. We hope that you like the gifts~

Tinker Bell, her favorite.

Her birthday cake and cupcakes...
look delicious~

The birthday girl, and us.
Jonathan x Wee Kiat x Sing Yee x Yvonne x Ying Hui x Gi Siang x Jia Qi x Chee Fun

To end this post.. here is--
a photo of Yvonne and her Tinker Bell cake;
Smile Always! x

Photos credit to: gisiang

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