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Tuesday, November 29, 2011
11:59 PM

Andy's 22nd birthday was celebrated at The Mind Cafe @ 60A Prinsep Street. An ideal meeting place - where people meet up for board games over food and drinks. Definitely a great place for friends to gather and spend quality time together! Eat, drink, play!

The environment gave a warm and happy feeling; full of smiles, giggles and laughter. Everyone was engrossed in their games... we could hear people screaming and shouting their lungs out!

Before we joined the fun, we ordered our choice of food. There are promotions going on and we went for the mind MEGA MEAL package (1 meal set* with 3 hours of boardgames).

There are a variety of main courses to choose from; fish & chips, crispy chicken cutlet, pasta, lasagne. We were spoilt for choice!

Over 2000 games across their 4 outlets...

Lack of choice? NO. We were actually overwhelmed by the number of games on the shelves! However, all of us have no idea how to play most of the games. But fret not, the person-in-charge will explain the instructions of the game if you ask for help.

birthday boy n' the lucky 7

Josh x JiaqiAndy x Li MeiYing Zi x JoyceMeldric x Jing Long

While waiting for our food, we had the birthday boy to complete OUR missions! Oh yes, some of us were already there, at The Mind Cafe, to set up the missions before we met him. We planted 3 capsule balls in the corners of the cafe. Inside each ball contains a mission card and lots of sweet...

I'm sooooo into Running Man, I asked the rest to join me in planning the missions...

Call a person on your contact list and make him/her says, "You sound weird today!"

Mission: Take a photo with the girl you think is the prettiest in the shop (*excluding our clique).

Mission: Find three miniature figurines in the cafe.

To be honest, he was quick and alert in finding the capsule balls! He was attracted to the balls... maybe because... *L O O K CLOSER* our wishes are written on them!

By the time he had completed the missions, we were ready to eat. H u n g r y , h u n g r y , very h u n g r y! Oh, we're not called the lucky 7 for no reason. The bill was on our birthday boy!

Now, it's Playtime~!! Jenga [True or Dare], one of the most popular games, is simple to play... just stack the blocks into a tower without letting it fall. At the same time, if you pick a red block you will have a dare to perform and if you pick a black block you will have to tell the truth.

30. Pretend you're eating something that tastes really bad.

22. Try to touch your nose with your tongue.


Jing Long and Meldric introduced the game, Tumblin' Monkeys. A game of skill and action that's easy to learn... just collect the fewest number of monkeys to win.

I recommended Snorta!, the wild game of moos, meows and more. Everyone will stumble and stutter to blurt out the animal sounds.

So, be ready for lots of fun and laughter!

Watch the video of us playing Snorta! 'Oink.. Oink.. Oink Woof.. Oink.. Oink Woof Meow Froggg.. Oink Woof Meow Froggg Quack B~'

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y, ANdyStorm!{Tiramisu cake - his favorite}

{Birthday presents - hope you like them}

{Cousins* - forever and always}

To end this post.. here is--
the photos of the birthday boy and u s;Cousins! x
L o v e P e a c e J o y !

Photos and video credit to: ANdyStorm, leongraphy

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