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A 'Happy Halloween Night'
Monday, October 31, 2011
1:37 AM

I spent a well-planned 'Happy Halloween Night' with my family, and Gabriel, in our neighborhood. It was our mother's decision, therefore we went along together. Even though I know it will be boring but I don't want to miss out spending time with my family.

Just being with my family makes me happy...

Lex n' Doris

Rick n' Joy

Everyone who attended this event, organized by the community, was given a horn-like headband that can light up... the crowd. There are many kids dressed up but.......... obviously, it doesn't feel like a halloween gathering.

However, we should be glad the organizers had included a horror maze to make up for atmosphere. That's the only game I participated in... and it completely freaked me out! Well, I'm a very timid person! I get scare when people scream...

He is-- Gabriel. We're not related! But the cuteness factor in him attracted more attention and received more care from us. Therefore, my brother decided to fork out his own money to treat his little boy to food and games. We regarded him as our brother.

Gabriel introduced himself to us and said, "I'm Gabriel. Gabriel is an angel..." and so on. I also googled his name and it stated, "Gabriel, God is my strength; is an angel who typically serves as a messenger to humans from God." We were truly amazed by his intellect.

Before we went in to the maze, he asked if we are scare and said, "We don't have to be scared. God is with us." True enough, he wasn't as afraid as me when we went through the horror maze.

We decided to queue for the specially shaped balloons. I decided to have a rabbit carrying a carrot. We also have Elmo, heart, flower and Casper!

That night, Gabriel made me feel so special! He said, "You look like a princess!" A stranger made me smile in my heart! ヽ(^▽^*)ノ♪

To end this post.. here is--
a photo of my family and I;
Not-so-HALLOWEEN 2011! x

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