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Prawn-fishing @ Bishan
Wednesday, September 14, 2011
11:59 AM

I was at Bishan Prawning by Hai Bin (603 Sin Ming Avenue) with Andy, Jing Long and Josh on Sunday afternoon, 14 August. I used to go there with the girls and their friends, loved it! So.. when the guys decided to go prawning, I was into it.

* The rates for prawning: 1 hour - $15/ 2 hours - $25/ 3 hours - $30. Equipment and baits are provided.

We settled down in a spot and started enjoying the prawn fishing experience.. Josh is kind enough to help us put the baits (chicken heart? chicken liver?) into the hooks. I could never imagine myself touching the chicken heart/liver! NEVER. If I was forced, instead of chicken heart/liver, I will choose to put cockles as bait.

Chicken hearts!? or Chicken livers!?
Yucksssss.. but I think I ate chicken hearts before! :|

How many prawns will we catch to put into this keep net?
I was expecting at least 20 prawns.. but *you will find out at the end of this post*

After more than half an hour... #likealongtime

We were so excited when Jing Long pulled out a prawn from the pool.. "I want to take a photo with the prawn!" "I want to take a photo of the prawn!" We sounded like a suaku (sooah-koo) kia..

Since Josh has experience in prawning.. he was guiding us along throughout the whole process. I was glad he went with us!

This is the 'FIRST' prawn of the day..

About an hour later...

I saw Andy looking bored.. we decided to challenge ourselves, "Let's see who will fish a prawn first!?" It got more fun and exciting.. we stood up in our 'ever-ready' position..



Josh, who was teaching me how to pull out the claws from the body. He is one of my elder friend, who is also a patient man. Someone who will listen to me talk for hours.

Next, Andy caught a prawn. Josh is the last!!!!! Well, I can't remember how many more prawns we caught until Jing Long 'blur blur' released the prawns back into the pool..

Leon Graphy: "I dropped the net back into the prawn pool! !!!! Ahhhhh! !!!!! Nooooo :("

Andy Kwan: "我的天啊!KHOO JING LONG accidentally dropped our prawn net back into the pool!!!! 我们没有prawn了!AHAHAHAHAHA"

Leon Graphy: "I looked at the net like it's the titanic sinking down into the sea.. Haiiii ~"

Andy Kwan: "The reason why there's 2 prawns left is because one is dead, and the other is almost dead. Cannot swim away! AHAHAHAHAHA"

The whole situation is hilarious!!!!!

I, and the boys.TOGETHER, WE PRAWN.

(Above) These prawns are in Josh's friends' keep net!

We enjoyed prawning.. need lots of patience.. but it is fun and challenging! Besides prawning, we can cook our catches at the barbecue pit.

** Charcoal, fire starters, satay sticks and salt are provided.

...clearing the barbecue pit

...washing the prawns

...setting up a charcoal barbecue

...fresh prawn

...sprinkle salt on the prawns

...barbecuing the prawns

...barbecued prawns

While we were peeling the shells from the prawns, chewing on prawns.. a crowd came.. more people, more fun!?

More competitive!

I can't wait for our next prawning session~~


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