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Saturday, September 24, 2011
3:04 AM

Gi Siang's 21st birthday was celebrated at NSRCC Safra Resort (10 Changi Coast Walk). A lovely get-away with all the comforts of home and the conveniences of facilities.. the two-storey bungalow has two cosy bedrooms, spacious living and dining, as well as a well-equipped kitchen.

With a little help from her friends, they decorated a 'birthday bungalow' with banners and balloons. It was in yellow, yellow and more yellow! Yellow is great! It is the colour of smiley.. showing happiness! ☺

Her dessert corner added colours and excitements to the interior. I was really excited when I saw this little corner.. the chocolate fountain certainly caught my attention. The fruits and marshmallows were prepared to dip in the chocolate fountain. There were also donuts, eclairs, macaroons, tarlets and almond jellies! Yummyyy~

Of course that is not all! She ordered food catering.. around 8 - 10 dishes. The buffet caterer is good for yam paste! Most of us like the yam paste with gingko nuts! ♥

Once we filled our stomachs, we rushed up the stairs into the bedroom and changed into the birthday outfits. The clothing theme is to wear yellow and/or brown. I put on a yellow dress with brown details.. it was actually a gift from the girls 4 years ago! I looked awkward wearing all yellow.. well, that's probably because I'm always in black/white/gray/navy blue. Also, the girls realised the dress is too short on me.. I wasn't very comfortable in it but I didn't want to spoil the atmosphere so I just went along with it. Until the girls managed to mix and match an outfit for me.. yesssss, they are great! I was wearing Yvonne's tank top, Sing Yee's short and Ying Hui's cardigan.. feel the warmth*

Then we individually designed birthday cards for her.. a last minute effort..

I, and my favorite girlfriends.

We put the presents into a bag and got her to pick one.. well, she realised we were teasing her but it was fun! Heh heh.

Represent everything of us..We hope you love the presents and cards from us!

Her other friends arrived later in the night.. everyone was enjoying the buffet food while watching the last episode of 'On The Fringe'. It was definitely a loud and boisterous atmosphere..

When all her guests arrived, it was cake cutting session. Her family and friends gathered around her.. sang birthday song.. happiest moment!

And we won't miss out on photographing a lot of her, and everyone who came together to party and celebrate her day.

She prepared a scrapbook album with decorative stickers.. we filled it with photos and words of wishes. Everyone is creative in their own way!

It was almost midnight, we managed to get the birthday girl to join us in drinking games. So long-- since our last drink together. I miss nights like these..

Around 3ish, we were feeling hungry. We had a cookout at the private barbecue pit located right at the door step. The barbecued food were good.. chicken wing and hot dog will always be my favorite!

We stayed together for awhile longer and then went our separate ways.. I'm glad Jonathan gave me a ride home. I had a chance to catch up with him..

To end this post.. here is--
a photo of the birthday girl and me;


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