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Life goes on..
Sunday, August 21, 2011
12:40 AM

Lately a lot of things have happened that make me feel the need to write about..

One very wonderful thing is that I have met my favorite boy-- we may be separated by distance but one thing remains the same I love him. I'm able to feel him in my life, all the times. He gives me peace. He gives me happiness. He gives me comfort. He has surrounded me with love and that's enough to keep me going. I may have mistaken friendship and gratitude for love. But all these happy thoughts will mean so much fun if he'd only let me be the one.. to walk with him when he wants somebody to talk with.. to sit with him when he wants some loving.. to share with him all his pleasures and sorrows too. I so badly wish that I can be there where he is.. but I know very well that he's not mine to keep. Someone somewhere can do much better than me.

// He comes and goes like the wind.

With friends like him, life gets better. I can always count on them to help me-- but today I want to tell you about my good friends. They come as a pair, for I always share my happiness with one and I always let out my sadness to another. There never has been a time when both of them leave me alone. They makes me feel so loved! Even though I have this fear they will leave me for their other half. But I would like to say to them.. when it is time to leave, please do not burden yourself with me. I'm sure, I'm certain that they worry themselves about me. I know they want me to be independent and I guess I'm learning, little by little. The greater gift I ever received was their understanding. They never give up on me and I will not let go of them.

// True best friends are the ones who stay with you through everything.

I have to pick and choose my friends.. I don't want to be with anybody. It's gotta be the great people who make me feel that I, too, can become great. With that in mind, I have to move out of my comfort zone.. I know I can do it because of a friend who has unknowingly helped me to build self confidence. He believes I can do better than I think.. I have learned that there are people out there who will catch you when you fall.

// Comfort zones are more often expanded through discomfort.

They may not always be your friends but one thing I'm sure of, I have a family I can rely on. No matter what happens I know that they will always be here for me. Tonight should be one of the best night ever.. we have a celebration that brings us closer together. I will always remember this moment of laughter and joy.. I wish I could share the happy thoughts with someone special! It is also the first time ever I saw my mom shed a tear or two over my silly actions. If I know my silly actions can make her smile.. to protect her, I would go the extra mile.

Also, we have a new member in our family-- a Jack Russell Terrier. It brings us joy.

// The greatest happiness in life comes from our family.

Another thing that happened is that I have completed the first 12 months of chiropractic adjustment. I have put in a lot of hard work to stabilize the subluxation pattern. It is time I maintain a strong stable spine and optimal nerve flow. I believe the benefits can be rewarding. I hope I will achieve the greater improvements in my health by the end of my second or third year.

// Above, Down, Inside, Out

Now I'm focusing on spending less to save money for healthcare. It is not easy for me but when I think health, I'm comfortable being frugal. Am at it. Once I have a handle on spending less, I will shift my focus to earning more. I hope next year is better than this.. looking forward to opportunities!

// Health is Wealth.

Talking about opportunities.. I have set my mind on finding a new job. It shall be six months later.. Although I have not yet reached a year in this current job but I'm sure this is not where I wanted to be. Given a chance, I will consider going back to school.

// Never too old to set another goal.

My post here shall end.


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