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Tuesday, September 20, 2011
11:59 AM

I was at Skinny Pizza (501 Orchard Road, #03-04/04A Wheelock Place) with Andy and Jing Long on Saturday afternoon, 20 August. Andy and I were craving pizza and then we decided to go back for, Skinny Pizza. We were not craving for the usual thick crusted pizzas. Instead, we were looking forward to have the thin and crispy pizza base.

The menu is not limited to simply pizza. The America sliders - a pair of mini burger buns, and various starters and appetizers, are popular. But we were there for the pizzas, and that was what we ordered.

The variety of toppings on offer is rather impressive. We picked the one Andy most liked, Good Ol' Ham And Cheese, and also ordered The English Breakfast. Then, we decided to order the Parsley Mashed Potato x Truffles Fries x Sweet Potato Nibblets for Just $15.

We are showing the world what we eat by taking pictures of our meals.. "In the unconscious mind, food equals love because food is our deepest and earliest connection with our caretakers." We would want to capture, collect, catalog, brag about and show off our food..

Good Ol' Ham And Cheese

The English Breakfast

The pizza is light as air, and super crispy. It comes with generous toppings of greens, which we chucked them aside. Well.. vegetable is not our kind of food. So, it is just for beautification!

Parsley Mashed Potato x Truffles Fries x Sweet Potato Nibblets

I love the truffles fries.. it looks so ordinary but the smokey aftertaste is just wowww! The sweet potato nibblets is awesomeee.. sweetness with a tint of salty vibe in it. Great consistency!

SEE! It looks like they were doing one of those magazine shoot.. in love with food..

Photographer: Andy | Model: Jing Long

I, and the favorite boys...

Skinny Pizza has one of the best service. Their staff maintain a cheerful and professional manner at all times. They are exceptionally helpful too! ☺

This is-- our creation..

Made of argula leaves, tomato, fries, pizza base..

Signing off.


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