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Dear Friends-- This Is My Perfect Moment With You
Sunday, July 31, 2011
11:57 AM

Way back in 2009, I remember telling Serena over and over again how cute would it be to have a Mickey n' Minnie Mouse theme party. I said, "Mickey n' Minnie Mouse are my favourite Disney characters since I was young. Would it be a good idea for me to organise a Mickey n' Minnie Mouse theme party on my 21st?" She said, "You have an excellent idea!" I further explained that everyone will want their 21st birthday a truly memorable one.. since we are only young once, before I move into adulthood.. I will bring back my childhood memories! With that said, I got my mind set on it. I also decided I will not let anyone know about it.. I wanted to surprise them! ☺


2 years later.. 2011.. I decided to start planning for my 21st birthday party. But everything was not going smoothly.. I can no longer avoid sharing my ideas.. I had to call for help. Thanks god I did!!! • Andy • Gi Siang • Jing Long • Kai Xin • Serena • have helped me in one way or another. Especially Gi Siang, who encouraged me not to give up if it is what I want..


I'm proud to say, I made most of the decoration myself.. design, print, cut, paste.. It takes a lot of effort and time. I'm happy that my guests liked them, and they did appreciate them! ♡♡♡

...the red and black banner with white polka dot design,
comes with Mickey n' Minnie Mouse cutout with name of invited guests

...the bottles and cans with Mickey Mouse sticker label

...the toothpicks with Mickey n' Minnie Mouse cutout label

Most of them came early to help me with decorating the room.. Kai Xin even travelled to my place to help me carry the stuff. I really appreciate everyone's help! x

After decorating the Club Room for "MEESKA MOOSKA MICKEY MOUSE" Clubhouse Party.. it is time for makeup, to look my best. I would like to thank Joyce for putting makeup on me.

While waiting for everyone to arrive~~

The Mickey n' Minnie cousins* • Andy • Cheryl • Don • Jing Long • Josh • Joyce • Meldric • Ying Zi • and Serena gathered together for great group shots! ♡♡♡ We have come this far.. to say.........

Gi Siang also invited my friends to join her in the game, 'Cluedo'. I'm happy to see them coming together.. it gave me a peaceful, easy feeling~


SELF-INTRODUCTION.. getting to know everyone! Well most of them already know each others.. I will always share my friendship stories with everyone.. sometimes I will bring them together and make them friends. I'M PROUD TO CALL THEM MY FRIENDS! Someone asked me this, "Aren't you afraid if someone is jealous of you and would snatch your friends away?" Honestly, there are times when I fear for 'showing off' but.. Right Believing Brings Faith.. Faith Is The Victory in Overcoming Fear..

Khim Hee • Ying Hui



Minnie n' friends

Dig in! officially began after we gathered for a group photooooo..... I'm glad almost everyone was dressed up as a character from Mickey n' Friends. If you know me you know I love it when YOU family n' friends will go the extra mile to make me happy.. like listening to the couple brother Lex n' Doris deciding on wearing the Mickey n' Minnie costumes.. hearing the girls • Gi Siang • Sing Yee • Ying Hui • Yvonne • discussing about their dressing.. seeing the boys n' girls turning up in accessories to match the theme.. etc. It really made me smile~~


This is-- the list of foods (↴) Hmmmm I ordered way too much... desserts??? However I did make an estimate, *if everyone will to take 7 - 8 pieces... blah blah blah* Whatever it is, I would rather have 'too much' than 'not enough'. Well I always feel disappointed when there is a 'Too Many People, Not Enough Food' situation in any events. So, it's NOT going to happen in my party..

The simple but delicious desserts are too much of a sweet thing for some guests. But I'm lovin' it!!!!! Here I would like to thank Gi Siang for recommending the desserts to me.. I also would like to thank Andy for placing an order for pizzas n' drumlets..

PIZZAS (from Pizza Hut)

x Hawaiian x Chicken Supreme x Turkey Bacon 'N' Shrooms X Ocean Catch x Drumlets x

DESSERTS (from petitfour)

x Apple Crumble x Banana Crumble x Mango Crumble x Choco Divine x Nutella Dream x Orea Addiction x Mango Flush x Black Forest x Bananier x Strawberry Cheesecake x Classic Cheesecake x Caramel Cheesecake x Fruit Tartlets x Choc Tartlets x Mango Mousse x Chocolate Mousse x Mocha Mousse x

Everyone was engrossed in something.. the girls were watching "Love Keeps Going".. the boys were having a conversation about National Service.. etc. I could join them to watch one of my favourite Taiwanese drama.. or hear what they are doing..


I was just sitting there admiring the scene of YOU family n' friends gathered together to celebrate my 21st, a major milestone in everyone's life. As I wish, to see everyone side by side.. together forever, never apart*

Cake cutting session..........

My One n' Only Unique Minnie Cake, along with 20 Incredibly Cute Mickey n' Minnie Cupcakes customised by Sweetest Moments. To my surprise, knowing that I have a soft spot for cupcakes, brother Lex n' Doris brought along Mickey n' Friends Cupcakes for us! D.I.S.N.E.Y


A GROUP PHOTO with • Andrew • Andy • Cheryl • Chin Jie • Chun Long • Don • Doris • Gillman • Gi Siang • Jie Hui • Josh • Joyce • Kai Xin • Khim Hee • Meldric • Serena • Sing Yee • Wei Hong • Wen Yu • Ying Hui • Ying Zi • was taken before they sang 'Happy Birthday' to the 21 years old me! Well I always feel awkward when people sing to me.. As I stood next to the cake, looking happy.. I don't know how I was supposed to act??? -youtellmelah-

Everyone was excited to pull the string of the party poppers.. *POP*POP*POP*POP*POP* while I watched them firing numerous colourful ribbons at me!!!!! -shiokonly-

Here it is-- yet another awkward moment when everyone's eyes were on me.. as I smiled for the camera.. made a wish.. blew the candle out.. cut the cake.. served everyone..



The birthday cake covered and decorated with fondant, is rather difficult to cut through. We sounded like sadists, 'AHHHHH... Meldric is gonna operate on the Minnie's skull!!!' It was nothing but a heartache to watch the 'operation' LIVE. -muahaha-

I was so excited when I saw the Minnie cake, as well as the Mickey n' Minnie cupcakes! NICE DECORATION.. but I won't say they taste delicious. Well, there is a price to pay for beauty?! Here I would like to thank the girls • Gi Siang • Sing Yee • Ying Hui • for collecting my cake n' cupcakes. I would also like to thank Meldric who stepped forward to help cut the cake into pieces for the guests.

Photo-taking session after cake cutting..........

They are-- my best friends (↴), aside from my family. There are a few other old friends that couldn't make it to my party.. but I'm sure they have their reasons for not attending and I have to understand. Well I have known each n' everyone of them for years, to be exact, more than 5 years. How time flies.. we have all grown up..

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, come whatever
We will still be, friends forever~~

• Kai Xin • Jia Qi • Khim Hee •

• Ying Hui • Jia Qi • Gi Siang • Sing Yee •

• Wen Yu • Chin Jie • Wei Hong • Jie Hui • Jia Qi • Khim Hee • Andrew •

La, la, la, la; yeah, yeah, yeah
La, la, la, la, we will still be friends forever~~

FRIENDS-- pull together, not apart.

All I want is to spend time and, of course, take lots of photos with the very important people of my life. Photos keep the memories alive, close to me..

Dearest family--

xo Brother Lex xo
xo Brother Gillman xo
xo Doris xo
• brothers n' sister •
• Lex n' Doris •

Dearest friends--


xo Serena xo
xo Cheryl xo
xo Joyce xo
xo Ying Zi xo

xo Andrew xo
xo Chin Jie xo
xo Jie Hui xo
xo Wei Hong xo
xo Wen Yu xo
xo Jing Long xo
xo Meldric xo

I specially made the Mickey n' Minnie polka dot instax film out of a cardboard. Don't you think it is cute? ☆〜 I also made use of a book, with coptic stitch binding, I received from Jasmine on my 19th birthday.. it is one of my favourite gift! Finally.. it is filled with photos and messages. Here I would like to thank Jing Long for being photographer of the day..

I would also like to thank everyone for their lovely messages, it means so much to me! ♡♡ Ahh Yes.. I used instax mini film Mickey n' Friends to take a photo with every individual. Mickeylicious n' Minnielicious~~


Did I mention before, I'm always proud of the one who suggests to unwrap the presents infront of everyone's presence.. Well it makes me feel happy to know that they are proud of their gift.. they love their gift for me!

CLICK Dear Friends-- Thank You All

Gi Siang • Sing Yee • Ying Hui • Yvonne • and Christina
...for the Agnes B purse, Uniqlo Mickey Mouse shirt,
Dove, Kit Kat, Meiji chocolate and card!

• Andy • Ashton • Joyce • Kai Zhi • Li Mei •
...for the Mickey Mouse customised thumbdrive, Mickey n' Minnie mug,
Disney 4 leave clover keychain and card!

• Don •
...for the Mickey n' Minnie (3D Puzzle) villa assemble and handmade card!

• Ying Zi •
...for the Mickey Mouse necklace and handmade card!

• Josh •
...for the Dewar's (whisky) and perserved dried mango?

• Serena •
...for the photo frame stand!

• Khim Hee •
...for the Minnie Mouse pen, Mickey n' Minnie Mouse sweets and chocolates,
red packet and card!

• Kai Xin •
...for the dove necklace and card!

• Chin Jie • Jie Hui • Wei Hong • Wen Yu •
...for the rose/white sparkling grape juice drink,
Mickey Mouse keychain and card!

• Doris n' her mum •
...for the Mickey Mouse tissue storage box,
Minnie Mouse cushion, Mickey Mouse mug and keychain

• Cheryl • for the necklace
• Meldric • Jing Long • for the dreamcatcher
• Wei Jie • for the Absolut Citron

This is-- one of the most memorable moment of my 21st party (↴).. our dearest Serena, together with Jing Long and Josh, thought of a way to scare me! First, Josh pulled the string of the party popper in my face, "POP!" and tadah win (liao)~ Just because they forgot to snap a picture of my shocked face.. they decided to do it AGAIN!!! WITH A USED PARTY POPPER.. Well I shielded away..

Evil laugh~~


Past midnight.. a group of us were playing 'Cluedo' while the rest of us decided to play drinking games. We popped open the bottle of Dewar's (whisky) that Josh gave me.. well he wanted to get us drunk. However, we are not spontaneous.. we gave up the half-empty bottle of whiskey seated beside us as we tossed and turned in bed.

At 3ish am.. • Andy • Don • Jing Long • Josh • Joyce • Serena • Wei Jie • Ying Zi • got hyperactive! They had balloon fight! Wild Kidz*

CLICK Dear Friends-- This Is Your Moment

Here is-- the end of the party!


With Much Love
Tan Jiaqi


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