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Saturday, June 4, 2011
3:23 AM

My family has officially moved out of Bishan to Hougang...

That Saturday morning I was feeling... "This is the fresh, that fresh feeling~" HEAVEN YEAH, it feels like we are starting afresh, somewhere unfamiliarly new. I just lay in bed and stared at the ceiling for a day... I got myself used to the small room.

The next day was Sunday. I was to meet the rest at Eunos MRT Station as we were going to visit the RSAF OPEN HOUSE'11. I searched from gothere.sg and found that I was supposed to board bus 112 and alight 6 stops later to board bus 25/55/854. After I boarded bus 112, I forgot the number of stops later I should alight. I alighted at a bus stop in Hougang Ave 3 to check the board for bus 25/55/854. Lucky for me, there are bus 22/55/854 at this bus stop. I boarded bus 854 and double checked with the bus driver if the bus will stop at Opposite Eunos MRT Station. Then, I was distracted by two China men who were as lost as me. I watched them went forward to ask the bus driver if they should alight at this particular stop... when I turned to my right, I spotted the train tracks. But the bus driver had already shut the door... I had to alight at the next stop.

That night, we went our separate way home from Seragoon. I decided to take the bus... boarded bus 101, not knowing where I should alight. When the bus drove along Buangkok Green, I was hoping it will turned to the left to Hougang Street 93 but it turned to the right. The next bus stop is along Buangkok Link. I alighted immediately... walked to Buangkok Green... waited for bus 88.

On Monday, I have to find my way to my workplace... I was supposed to take bus 161 to Hougang Bus Interchange. Instead, I took bus 88. I know it will stop at a bus stop near Hougang MRT Station but I couldn't find out which is the bus stop. I gave up and ended up in Pasir Ris Bus Interchange. At Pasir Ris MRT Station, I was shooked with the crowd. "Your attention please... there is a train service delay..." Bad start of the week. Bad start of the day. I WAS SO ANGRY WITH MYSELF!

The worst part of that Monday was... I climbed the stairs to the 8th storey, without knowing there is another lift in this block! #DumbOrNot

On Tuesday, all's well. I just have to spend more time on bus 88, travelling from Bishan to Hougang.

On Wednesday night, I decided to explore Hougang (around ave 4 and ave 8) with the mother. It was a good tour. I got myself more familiar with this area.

The next day, I met up with the girlfriends. We stayed out in Orchard till 11 plus in the night. I thought I will be able to catch the last bus 161... but I was wrong! Unlike bus 410W, the last timing for bus 161 is 11:30pm... EARLY UH! I decided to take bus 112, hoping it will stop near my place. That was when I realised how dumb can I be... I took the train from Dhoby Ghaut to Hougang and I took bus 112 that stop by at the bus stop infront of Kovan. Still, I was thankful to my mother who brought me to explore Hougang the day before. If not, I will have completely no idea where to alight.


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