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Be careful who you call a friend
Sunday, May 22, 2011
1:09 PM

"Friends. I think this word is often misused and abused. And I say this as a person that has a lot of friends, and by a lot I mean, I can count them on more than one hand.

A friend is someone that I can share my life with–in good and bad times, someone that gives and gets advice, someone that I look up to, someone that inspires and encourages.

I used to think good friends were hard to come by, until I realized I had several. When you are a good person, you attract good people. I don’t talk to them all daily, or see them that often. When you have something in common with someone and you share parts of your life with them and hold confidences, I consider that friendship. I don’t take any of it lightly. You get what you give.

Even saying that, I pick my friends like I pick my fruit: carefully, cautiously. Thoughtful of what I’m ingesting as nourishment. Ponder on that: thoughtful of what I’m ingesting as nourishment. Do you uplift me? Do I learn from you? Do you feel the same way about me? Some people have maintained friends simply because of time and history. As long as it’s not toxic, I can live with that, but there must be some new memories, some new lessons to keep the friendship afloat. Other people you outgrow with the seasons and I can live with that as well. No hard feelings, just moving along and moving on."

–Reecie, https://musicmakesmehigh.wordpress.com/

I absolutely agree wholeheartedly with this great post!

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