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It's Cracking Good!
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
11:11 PM

Skinny Pizza has to catch my attention with its cheery vibe, funky retro décor... and of course, its namesake. When I first know of it... I was wondering how skinny can the pizza be? As thin as papadum...

Uhhh, so why not give it a try right...


There we were, on a lazy Sunday... browsing through the menu with enormous pictures of the unique pizzas. Questioning each other on its topping; garlic, onion, parsley, tomato... all about the vegetables... EEKS!

To be on the safe side, we ordered the Good Ol' Ham n Cheese (the choice that pleased everyone of us). We also decided on the Wild Truffled Mushroom (recommended by Gi Siang, who read on reviews).

Good Ol' Ham n Cheese
- Great for kids!

Wild Truffled Mushroom
; Generous topping of roasted mushrooms, garlic, truffled oil and Italian parsley

Truffle Fries. A quarter long Sausage. Sweet Potato Nibblets.
Love the great consistency sprinkle of salt and sugar on the Sweet Potato Nibblets

Good food
Good company

Andy. Jia Qi. Jing Long. Gi Siang.
Makan kakis!!! I love to share with them.

Skinny Pizza
501 Orchard Road
#03-04 Wheelock Place
Tel: +65 6235 7823
Daily 10am – 10pm


[p.s Squid Ink Pizza with a Squid Ink Crust is highly recommended in reviews too!]

MORE on food with them??? Let me check... 27th March! 8th May! 19th June! 31th July! So on... free smileys

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