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Monday, January 31, 2011
5:07 PM

。。。我祝你身体健康快乐 。。。

with the girls

with the boys

It was a long ride from Orchard to Pasir Ris, in the cold rainy day. The girls and I had a difficult time finding our way to Aloha Loyang Terrace 8. We were half drenched when we arrived at the doorstep, in awkwardness. Thank goodness... we managed to sneak swiftly to the back of the terrace to tidy ourselves before meeting the people. We decided to stay at our comfort zone... stuffing food down into our growling stomachs, while catching up with each other.

Later, after the birthday song, Andrew and Joshua finally reached. Feel so loved (just thinking how...) I'm always ready for a group photo with them... if not, I will pull a long face! :}

Mingsuan, Kaixin, Khimhee, Jiaqi, Rochelle

Andrew, Zengyan, Weisiang, Khimhee, Jiaqi, Joshua, Minlwin

(Photos grabbed from Facebook, from the album "Khim Hee 21 birthday!!" by Alfred Phang)

Never did I expect us to stay in one of the cosy room for less than 15 minutes of board game... then the boys got distracted with the songs. Like A G6, Stereo Love... while I was amazed with their dance moves. I wish I can dance lor...

We stayed to 2ish but failed to book a 6-seaters taxi cab. Less than 5 minutes of walk towards Downtown East... Khimhee's friend, Alfred, drove next to us and hoorayyy! 5 of us squeezed into his car. That makes 12 people in his SUPER car. So awesomezxz!

Andrew, Joshua and I decided to have supper. Thats when we began talking about business...


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