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Colour moi
Sunday, January 16, 2011
2:47 PM

Dear you
Have you ever seen it real?
In pink or blue.
In any weird colour.

Looks like Care Bear-esque stuffed animal...
is it a nang or dang.

We spotted it... we went 'WOW, it's real!' and being sooooo Singaporean, we *snap snap snap* this celebrity that was popular at a wrong occasion (a wake). Is it 'that cool'? Nay. But people do it, they dye the dog's fur to crazy colours. Why would one dye the dog's fur? If they think it is cool I can understand. It is sane (NOT REALLY) but everyone wants to be unique (EVERYONE IS). How can anyone be (MORE!) unique in appearance without apparels, accessories... or a change of hairstyles, hair colours. Having piercings, tattoos, etc. But if they think of harrassing the dog, they should be sentence to death for 'abusing' animal (being sick in the mind). How will the dog feel? Unfortunately, no one can really tell you except for it itself. Dogs are unable to understand the entire concept of hair dye, therefore the process will stress them out. It may irritate their skin. The worst cause is they will become self-conscious, hiding themselves. Yet, if one decides on going with dyeing the dog's fur even after learning the effects, they should never use the hair dye for humans. What type of dye should they use? Dog-friendly dye! They are safe to use on dogs. However, if the dog happens to shallow any of the dye, one should contact or bring it to the veterinarian. You can consider taking the dog to a groomer, who will generally use food colouring or dog-friendly dye. Most importantly, one should think twice before dyeing the dog's fur. Spare it a thought.

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