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Sunday, January 9, 2011
3:48 PM

The First Minute of the New Beginning is the Precious Moment with the Beloved Ones.

I was under the beautifully decorated night sky witnessing the most awe-inspiring fireworks with the ol' and new friends... BOOM BOOM BOOM even brighter than the MOON MOON MOON!!! At that very moment, I wish for 'U' n 'I' to BE HAPPY, always. Maybe, just maybe... I am holding on to the happily ever after ending. But EVERY ENDING IS A NEW BEGINNING. I believe I start-off the year pretty well... to have spend the (last moment of 2010) first moment of 2011 with the special friends. Sharing this grand second, minute, hour, DAY with the very important people in my life. Family n Friends.

I hereby want to give thanks to the family for all they have shared. The time they have cared and the love they gave even though it was never spoken in words but shown in actions. The support they continually give and their help so I may live. Even though we can annoy each other so, where ever we may go, for any other reasons there may be, I give thanks to them for I love them so.

I also owe thanks to the informal family of people I wasn't born with; the friends. Nevertheless, they have shown me so much love and care. I'm fortunate to have them in good times, and bad. I have learned from them and gotten so much help from them. They truly deserve my gratitude and thanks. There are the ones I know more intimately and the ones I know more casually. I love them all.

That's all, for now.



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