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Thursday, December 2, 2010
1:33 AM

on December 2, TODAY!

Last Saturday, he held a birthday celebration at Sanctuary Green in Tanjong Rhu. We, the girls, and Zhi Ming had to go there by taxi cabs, in case we lose our way. As he had to entertain his family members and friends, we decided to spend time by OURSELVES. Seated at the fitness corner, grinning from ear to ear. Reminiscence of the chalets they organised before, the nights we spent in Halo Bar... the people who we used to hang out with. Goes on and on...

until we were called to the function room to sing the birthday song for Jonathan and his cousin, Yvonne. I was glad that he was putting in his best to entertain us as well, since he suggested to take photos with us.

HAPPY MAX! to be around the girls. I really wish to see us together, forever. Still waiting for the day... when 5 couples hang out! AS ONE.

Jiaqi Gisiang Singyee Yvonne Yinghui

Zhiming, Yvonne's!

Lots of ❤❤❤❤❤

It was getting late... they decided to have dinner'supper' but I chose to give it a miss for I was veryyy tired. Thankfully, I had my lunch'dinner' with Andy at Sakae Sushi (FOR FREE!!!) before meeting them in the evening. Why free? Because he used his available balance of SAKAE dollars. YAYNESS! So in another words, I did not spend on meals that day but... BUT! total damage of the day was S$200++, on facial products!!! + S$10.50 on movie, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows! -.- I gek kiang agreed to accompany Andy and Joyce, JUST TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH THEM! In the end, I had to keep myself awoke... nom-ing away. In case, Andy shows me his (-_-) face, for sleeping. Actually keeping my mouth moving doesn't really help, I had to remind myself that 'Andrew is beside me'... as he always nudge me when I fall asleep in cinema. Cute much. + S$__ for Jonathan's presents! Hope he likes them~

Upon my heart, I ♥ the day!
so close.

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