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I'm just selfish;
Monday, December 6, 2010
9:52 PM

Singapore Heart Foundation (Your Heart We Care)... "Cardiovascular disease (heart disease & stroke) is the No.1 Killer in Singapore. No one is safe from heart disease. 1 out of 3 Singaporeans dies of cardiovascular disease. Women are equally at high risk. Life-saving treatment is expensive. Singapore Heart Foundation needs $2.5 million annually for its life-saving mission and programmes; Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart Wellness, Public Education and Prevention, Heart Safe Singapore" -www.myheart.org.sg

To be polite, I listened attentively to a young lady who stopped me and shared the above... the first thought that came into my mind was, does she know she is speaking to me (who has a hole in the heart). Probably not. I have been living with it since birth. Fortunately, this hole in my heart doesn't need treatment (it closes on its own). However, I have to go for the regular checkups once every 6 months. That, I stopped going for since I-don't-know-when. Even though the last checkup had shown that the hole is still there.

To be more accurate, it is a congenital heart defect. Not a disease. Usually, when I have to fill in forms (where medical history is needed), I will tick the box for others, instead of the box for heart disease. And beside it, I will state hole in the heart.

I look like I'm leading a normal, healthy and active live. I hope I am.

Unfortunately, I'm suffering from vertebral subluxation. In my case, it is from birth and I have been living with it for 20 years! When I was in Primary 5, I had the spinal screening. A 'hump' is detected and I was referred to the Student Health Centre for further evaluation. I went for X-ray to affirm the result. Then, I was recommended to have a body brace. I swear it was one of my most embarrassing moment... to be half-naked. The body brace was a pain to me. I had to wear it 24/7! (it is similar to the process of making the dental braces, and wearing them!)

I cried many times (secretly). Finally, I gave up!!!

They suggested for operation. However, there is a risk of being vegetable. zZ. Therefore, it is safer that I go for a MRI scan to ensure that it wasn't affecting my nervous system.

Until recently, I learn about chiropractic which offers a natural, drug-free strategy for improving many common aches and pains and for maximizing overall health. I GO FOR IT! As my family is not well-off, I have to pay for the corrective program. It is a 'bomb' to a 20 year old girl who does not have a stable job. Thankfully, my dad's friend is willing to pay first, on my behalf.

AND that was my second thought. I'm in debt. Who's here to clear my debt... oh well. However, I did have the thought of donating S$10 until I realised that they wish I can make a monthly contribution of an amount. Before I reject her, a colleague of hers stopped the conversation as the recurring donations scheme is for age 21 and above.

As I walked away from them...

[I'm just selfish. I'm just selfish. I'm just selfish. I'm about me, myself and I.]

I, being in debt due to my corrective program, should not be a reason to why I'm not making a donation. It is just a lame excuse. Still, I defected myself to calm down the hate I have towards the selfish me. I tell myself, I have a heart. I HAVE A HEART!

I 'shop' in PaTH Arts Market @ VivoCity for a Stitch ballon @ S$6 and a Pony styrofoam @ S$10! I believe part of the fund is for charity, peace*

"No donation is ever too small to make a difference." -Singapore Heart Foundation

If you can give and help, DO IT! Support the needy patients and save the precious lives.

I believe to share with you, it helps to create awareness and with the knowledge, you can protect the health of your loved ones, as well as yours. Visit Singapore Heart Foundation, Singapore Cancer Society, National Kidney Foundation etc... learn more.


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