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Friday, December 3, 2010
8:09 PM



Weeks ago, I was in a heated arguement with my family. It frightened me, I thought my family hate me. I vented my unhappiness in #Twitter...

"KNN FUCK! This is unfair... I thought we came to an agreement there won't be any change of room till we shift house? But why! Why the sudden change? Why do I have to be keep out of 'my' room!!! I know, it is fucking awkward to be sharing a room with my brother! But isn't it weirder to be sharing with my parents?! What's worst! My bed will be located beside the toilet? where everyone visit... It doesn't make sense!!! I supposed to be the one requesting for the room, as I'm the ONLY girl among my siblings! Right? Just because my brothers will quarrel/ fight, I accepted to share with my brother. Now what, who do they treat me as! Piece of shit! I will never, never give in and agree to this situation. I will cry until you shut up... Seriously! wtf... don't piss me off with the inconsiderate decision. I will be rude if you go on pushing your way through mine. Especially when you ever lied, do not put words into my mouth! It is not my decision, I never will want to move into your room! I will keep myself out of the house, than to keep myself out of the room. No doubt. Just stfu, and I will forgive you for this folly decision. Too much hate! :'(

This morning, I realise I can't bring myself to smile in this 'unloving' home... Definitely, I'm angry. But it doesn't beat the feeling that contains disappointment... Yet, it breaks my heart to see you worrying over this issue. However, I hate to give in without knowing the truth... le sigh!"

I lost control. I can't keep it to myself, I needed someone to hear me out.

Michael was here. I always look for him, as he is one of those who knows me inside out. The one, who reminds me to be good, be strong, be myself. The friend I needed most, even though now... all I share with him is my unhappiness. Yet, he never minded. I listen to him... his words are my strength, encouragement. I really appreciate him, :') SO MUCH. I can't express it in words. BUT I KNOW HE UNDERSTANDS! Thanks.

it is peaceful. I'm a happy girl~

That I know my brother loves the family! ^^

p.s GLOW IN THE DARK uh... he twisted the paper to form the words and dipped it into the Hydrogen Peroxide solution (from the glow stick) SOOOO FUCKING AWESOME! :D

p.s p.s I love my family too! xoxo

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