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Far apart;
Sunday, December 19, 2010
6:19 PM

We're moving..... NS17 & CC15 NE11

I'M EXCITED NOT! If you do know, I have been staying in Bishan for the past 14? years. I grow to love this neighbourhood of the city-state of Singapore, situated in the Central Region; convenient. Especially that Bishan New Town is near Junction 8 shopping centre, which is situated in Bishan Central, where the Bishan MRT station and Bishan bus interchange are. There is also the Bishan North Shopping Mall, in Bishan New Town, where we purchase our daily products. In the Bishan North Shopping Mall, there is also a wet market... such a perfect place!

I moved to Bishan from Khabtib when I was in my primary 1, studied in Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary/Secondary School, situated near Junction 8 shopping centre. In my primary and secondary, I (like many of you) have my friends. They come and go or stay. To date, I'm in contact with the sisters [Kaixin.Khimhee], the girlfriends [Gisiang.Singyee.Yvonne], the guy friends [Andrew.Joshua], the bestie [Chinjie], the buddy [Wenyu], the friends [Martin. Gervase. Jiehui.Weihong]... not forgetting [Michael.Minlwin]. Also, in my polytechnic, I made good friends [Jasmine.Serena]. I love being with them, and will always keep them in my heart. Many of the mentioned are staying in Bishan (if not in the North South Line/Circle Line), where our one million of memories, ten thousand of inside jokes, one hundred of shared secrets are.

Now I have to leave this memorable place... but I'm letting the memories follow me to wherever I will go; thy happy moments. I believe I'm capable in managing my time, and promise you friends that DISTANCE WILL NOT TEAR US APART. YET... I'm worried. I can foresee 1. lesser time with the friends/ if not myself 2. more money spend on transport 3. insufficient rest (health) to keep myself awake! throughout the day 4. late, late, late 5. (uhh... etc)

I need to clarify that when I stated that I will have lesser time with my friends, it DOES NOT mean that I'm not meeting them as frequently. To me, every minute with the loved ones are precious. That includes the time we are in the bus/ train/ taxi cab!!! Like I say, many of my good ol' friends (except Jasmine) are staying in the North South Line/Circle Line, we will usually travel back together. But not anymore, once I shift to North East Line.

WHAT ABOUT MY NEW FRIENDS. They are everywhere, North South East West! But... [Don,Joyce] are staying in the North South Line too. When we hang out, we will usually head home together. Now, I'm already missing the late night heart to heart chat with Don. I guess he will not come down to Hougang to chat with me. Will I be staying out in Ang Mo Kio to listen to his story. Oh wells~

In another words, I can never be sharing a taxi cab with the mentions! That will mean I have to pay for the full amount of fare. Isn't it sad... I have to be alone in the taxi cab, I have to pay the fare by myself. Aside from that, I'm checking from gothere.sg of BISHAN TO PAYA LEBAR and HOUGANG TO PAYA LEBAR to see if where is further to my work place. Not to forget, I have to go for my adjustments every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. I have to travel from Paya Lebar to Bishan then back to Hougang. You can imagine the amount of time I have to spend on travelling, when since young... I never have to travel a long distance if I go to school/work.

If I can, I will arrange to meet them on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday as I will be in Bishan. But... that is for the sisters/ girlfriends only. As most of the guy friends are in National Service, I can meet them on the Friday night/ weekends only. The next time Andrew and Joshua ring me up for movie/ supper, I will not be able to reach Junction 8 in less than 30 minutes. We always meet up last minutely, as and when we feel like...

So if I will be spending more time on travelling, I have to sacrifice my sleep! Dark circles and bags under the eyes... ugly, cui. How. Especially that I have to do my daily stretches that take up to 2 hours! (24 - 2) hours = 2 hours left. It is even worst for a slowcoach.


I have to please myself, telling me that at least... we are staying closer to the grandmum!

LE SIGH! It is about time and money,
but I BELIEVE...

// No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth.

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