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Sunday, December 12, 2010
2:29 PM


As we were on our way to the Beijing Zoo (北京动物园) to visit the giant panda (大熊猫), 阿 MAY shared with us on how the name 'panda' comes by... do you know panda was initially known as 猫熊 instead of 熊猫?

So I decided to do a research, Baidu 知道; 1869年,法国天主教传教士阿尔芒·戴维德(Armand David)认识了熊猫后,给“熊猫”定名为“黑白熊”,归属于熊科。两年后, 动物学家进一步考查,研究它属于猫熊科,将它进一步定名为“猫熊”。1940年代,在重庆北碚博物馆展举办了一次动物标本展览。当时,定名为猫熊,意思是它的脸型似猫那样圆胖,但整个体型又像熊。由于中文使用者传统上通常都习惯右到左的写法,所以当时猫熊一词是以右到左的方式书写。在标准中文文法里,形容词通常都被置放在名词的前面。由于熊猫被一般人认为属于熊科,因此猫是形容词,熊是名词。故,猫熊一词在中文文法上是对的。到1940年代,很多中文使用者已经开始习惯左到右的中文读法,所以当时重庆北碚博物馆所展示的“猫熊”字样就被大家误读成熊猫。从此以后,熊猫一词变开始先在四川一带流行起来,长此以往向传讹误,一至到今天,大部分的人也就习惯了使用熊猫一词。

Interesting! ^^

What else do I learn about panda...

1. Pandas are solitary animals; apart from brief meetings with an opposite sex during mating seasons, they live alone. Generally, they are creatures of bamboo forests and live a solitary, mysterious live.
2. Pandas are fast movers; basically they are not good at fast running. But they can even being faster than a human 100-meter dash champion in a sprint! Just look at the way they climb trees and you will find how nimble-limbed they actually are!
3. Pandas have powerful teeth; not only for bamboo-eating, but also for self-protecting whenever we are attacked or offered.

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