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Indulge in reminiscence (@vveijie);
Sunday, November 21, 2010
5:00 PM



Back in 2009, May 02. I was invited by Hong Peng to gather with the other bloggers, namely Ashton, Fyn, Joyce, Kai Zhi, Meldric, Shu Fen, Si Yi, Wei Jie. Being shy, I requested to have a friend, Kai Xin, to come along. As it was the first time we would be meeting a BIG group of new friends, we were nervous! Never did we know that it was actually most of others first time seeing each others too. I felt uncomfortable to be doing a photo shoot, not to mention JUMP SHOTS on our very first meet up! -.- But everyone of them seems to enjoy it. What I liked most was to cook with Ashton, Kai Xin and Meldric. However, I couldn't be able to remember if I chatted with you, @vveijie?! Thankfully, we met again... on May 16. As Hong Peng invited me to watch Angels and Demons with Joyce, Ying Zi and YOU! Did we talk? If we did, it should be a short ones.

Never did I expect to see DECS again, during an event... Singapore River Festival'09 + Pajama Party in The Arena. I was shooked to see the enormous group of bloggers (suaku much)! Other than Hong Peng, it was YOU who took extra care of Kai Xin and I.

In July, I was drowned in surprise! We celebrated our birthdays TOGETHER! Hong Peng, Meldric, YOU and I. I was definitely happy... July babies FTW. Memorable day.

I thought that will be the last time I see YOU as we did not meet in August. Surprisingly, Kai Xin and I dropped by #SingtelINQ event and met you guys. It was YOU, who helped to get tickets for us to join in the fun... to Singapore Flyer. It was awesomely fun to know all the cool friends. Three days later, I got to see YOU again! As Meldric invited me for the Hippo Tour, while you invited Li Mei.

Did we meet in October and November? HUH WE DID NOT?! Oh well, I was busy with my final year project...

You didn't forget me!!! In the mid of December, during my term break, Joyce and YOU invited Kai Xin and I to join the rest for PIRATES (4D Magic), DESPERADOS and EXTREME LOG RIDE. It was amazingly fun! Remember... we had our sponsored lunch at Kim Gary Restaurant!

The last time I met you in 2009 is on December 25. We were invited to Stephen's place for a get-together on Christmas. It was merry!!!

Now in 2010... we met on the second day of Chinese New Year with Angel, Jing Long, Meldric, Ying Zi. I remember us having an in-depth chat under the dark sky till the next day. I was happier to see everyone on February 21 at Meldric's place for a get-together on Chinese New Year. From that day, I came to learn more about you. I see through you. What you were thinking of...

In March, YOU and I gathered the friends to Orchard Towers for Thai food. Nom nom nom, so yummilious!

In April, on the 24... it was the day when Andy and YOU received call/ text regarding the enlistment dates. Everyone's mood was affected. It was then, we were worried that everyone will drift apart.

However, NO ONE GIVE UP. Andy, Jing Long and I planned to have a 'last' gathering before both of your enlistment dates. YAY, WE MADE IT! One of the most memorable moments spent together at Marina Barrage for picnic and kite flying. I will never forget this day, of fun, joy and laughter. OF YOU DRAGGING ME ON THE ROUGH GROUND... zZ. With my personality, I will not tolerate such nonsense 'fun'... however, I just gave you warning. It was the SECOND warning!!! First, it was on our birthdays for smashing the cake on me. Yet, you never know your limit. Still, for I cherish our friendship... I had to put up with you and put it behind me.

Zoommmmm, time flies! Everyone waited for June 19 to see Andy and YOU! FIRST BOOK OUT... we had Joyce to do videos for each of you. How sweet of us, hee.

The time you spend with us, is lesser. But all of us understand the need of being in the world of 2, and we bless Qian Yi and YOU together. Yet, we never leave both of you out. We always will include the two of you!!!!!

In July, we attended Meldric's birthday... I was glad to see everyone, again. Especially that a birthday song was sang to me too!

August come and go..... you felt that we have drifted apart. But it is in distance only. Then, you are the one who always stand next to Kai Xin and I. Now, I have Andy, Don, Jing Long and everyone else. Still. Always remember you have a place in my heart! Never compare yourself with the others. YOU, just like any others is special, on your own. I like you, just as much as I like everyone who is worth being my friend.

September 18... we, COUSINS♥, celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival together! That night, I could hardly understand your feeling. Yet, I put my thoughts behind when I see everyone's beautiful smile. No words can describe how happy I was, close to tears. To learn that everyone do appreciate me. Thanks be to Ying Zi for the lovely memorable book with everyone's word of appreciation written on it. Really pleased.

October 02... POP!!! You were eagered to take photos with Andy, Jing Long and I, it goes to show that you keep us close to you. Now, looking through the MANY photos YOU and I took together with the rest... I'm smiling, are you? On the 3rd of October, it was a celebration for Andy and YOU at Swenson ION. I was glad you came... as promised. Ashton, YOU and I had fun decorating our ice cream! Nom nom~ The happiness day in October was on our dearest Andy's 21st birthday, I finally see Qian Yi and YOU! Always sweet.

AND LASTLY... on the November 20, I penned down 'Stay With Me, Stay With Me Forever'. I never expect you to be the first (and the last!!!) to be sharing with me your thoughts...

on the 21st November, evening...

"I just saw your blog post. Ha! The first time we met was the seoul garden outing. :) awesome huh. My first impression of you is a decent nice girl, and there was no time to dislike you cos you were such a nice friend! :) we wont lose touch as long the internet doesnt fail and i still have your number. Hehehe. And and and.. You areone awesome friend huh ahboy!! How did we even start calling each other names huh. Heh! Thats cute. :)"

"Upon my heart... you're awesome! I remember the gathering was back in 2009, in May. How time flies, we have know each other for 579 days. It is you who makes me feel closer to the bloggers, where by you brought me to MANY events!!! I miss those times a lot. I'm thankful for you, and always remember you have a place in my heart. You know what I like about you... you're a sincere friend. Although you may not be the one who knows me the best, but you're the one who is open to me... never a pretender. Thank you for being such a great friend, my dearest ahgirl always. Here, I again wish you all the best with Qianyi~ :)"

Always keep in touch!
(p.s you're the one who cares most for my dearest sister, Kai Xin.
I'm glad and I'm sure she appreciates you, thank you!)

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