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Monday, November 1, 2010
8:28 PM

...oh seriously! I have not get over it... I HATE BULLIES! what makes me feel worst is, I never stood up for my friend (or rather for myself too). I'm no longer who I used to be... is it a happy or sad thing? In the past, I will never hesitate to stand out! I will protect my friend if they get beaten. But today, I was completely shocked and stood rooted.

Time stopped... rewinded... every quarrels or fights I witnessed in the past flashed back. I held back my tears miserably, not wanting to affect the others. But oh well, it was the SECOND time Andy saw right through me. I had to lie.

Still, I was back to normal when I met my family; the mother and brother. The people who makes me feel protected and safe with them around.


with my family and friends ♥

EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee, I was sooooo scared!
...I never plan to dress up/make up! but I had the sudden urge for the black lips, so Joyce kindly helped me to put it on. It was Andy's costume hat on me, even Don's suits me. I was sooooo happy! Keke.

...so everyone of us has a lightstick around our wrists! (Somehow) I felt secure with it, we will not be lost! ^^

We headed for The Haunted House... I grabbed Jinglong's hand tightly! DIE DIE DIDN'T WANT TO LET GO, :/ REALLY... I'm a timid giant. But honestly, it wasn't scary... compared to that at Night Safari. Next, we headed to queue for Go-Kart... it was hell longgggg and we waited for 3 freaking hours!!! that's why I think it is not worth spending the 12 bucks in there.

Still, nothing beats having fun taking lots of photos...

AMAZING, isn't it?

Go-kart is the cool, I wish I can really drive! Then, we got on the kite flyers... I felt like a kid once again. If only, I am. HURHUR!

Before we left for late dinner at Burger King, we decided to take more 'horror' photos... and a video! *shhhhh*

It was then, at Burger King, I realised I lost my family neoprint. I wanted to cry! very badly... why, such a suay day. It is almost impossible for me to forget all the happenings that day, but Andy and I came to an agreement not to talk about it again. So hell, it explained why I'm not mentioning in details of this bad (yet memorable) day.

All was better. After hanging out with Don, Joyce and Yingzi by the beach. Even though we were sharing horror stories... and HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, we were scared by "DON'T MOVE!" okay, joke of the day.

It was a tiring night... but I enjoyed my day with my family and friends.

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