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Saturday, October 2, 2010
11:59 PM

...I HATE BEING LOST! Imagine me... alone! stood at the bus stop outside Marina Bay station hoped for a bus to stop by. Looked around to see strangers (of the PRC and Bangla) stared at me, made me felt even more insecure. That was when I tweeted 'I need someone to save me! ', the moment when I thought of _______, _____, ________, _______, ______ and many more. But it was useless as they are not on Twitter (or they are not following me)! Even if they do know that I need help, will they be here? UH. Anyway, I teared when a bus driver told me there won't be any operating bus already... you be careful ok! It was his caring voice that let my tears rolled down. At that moment, I wasn't waiting for the bus already. I had called for taxi! but it was no where in sight. (Honestly! I didn't know if I did the calling process rightly! My 1st time calling for a taxi, noob much...) FINALLY... the taxi is here. I hopped into it. Phew! The taxi driver even asked me what was I doing there in the middle of the night... I was there for YVONNE'S BIRTHDAY! but because I was late, I had to travel to Marina Barrage alone. Well thankfully, I was safe! That moment when I met the girlfriends, I felt god damn 高兴! haha.

(Please let me meet someone who will be here for me anytime!!!)

Love the wind... that night. LOOK AT THE 'STARRY' NIGHT... they are kitesss! So beautiful ♥
(Anyone wants to fly kite with me in the night??? BUT be sure to fetch me to and fro! ^^)

who turned 20 on the 07.10.10
BE happy and stay healthy!


We do hope that she enjoyed herself, and likes the presents! Me, I L♥VE THE NIGHT WITH THEM... but I was sorry that half the time, my mind was not there but my heart definitely was there! ^^

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