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Wednesday, October 13, 2010
11:16 PM

Once again, it was a brilliant surprise planned by our dearest Gisiang! to amaze the birthday girl with a cake at the doorstep... I, being late, almost ruined the awesome plan. But thankfully, we managed to rush our way to Hard Rock Hotel @ Resort World Sentosa, before Singyee and her boyfriend left...

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to Singyee!!!
Happy Birthday to You

The moment we stepped into the hotel room, we 'WOW'-ed! how cosy. So... of course, LET'S TAKE PHOTOS!!!!!!!!!!

The marshmallow and rock crystal candy ♥
(from the birthday girl);

From Candylicious;
Eat Happy! ^^

C'mon! if we want her to be happy, do it to our best... so WE JOINED THEM to Universal Studios Singapore. Yes, I definitely had a difficult time deciding if I should go... first, I quitted my job (that meant I NEED TO SAVE)! second, I had been in Universal Studios Singapore before (if you haven't read, here) Even so, Gisiang managed to persuade me with her kind help. Though I was already changing my mind of not going, as I felt bad to disappoint Singyee.

Anyway, it was our (Gisiang and I) turn to be the tour guides...

Entrance to Universal Studios Singapore!!!

HAPPY US! gotta collect the vouchers...

Hollywood... Madagascar... Far Far Away... Lost World... Ancient Egypt... Sci Fi City... Hollywood... New York... Madagascar... Hollywood~

(It was a whole new experience with different friends! but honestly, there was a lack in atmosphere... because there was no crowd, lesser people. The good was for most of the rides WE NEED NOT QUEUE FOR MORE THAN 30 MINS! unlike the first time I was there... we queued for more than an hour!)

Kung Fu Panda;
PANDA is Singyee's favourite! :D

In Far Far Away... the first ride we took; Enchanted Airways (junior roller-coaster ride)! I couldn't stop laughing at how cute Singyee and her b were screaming. Funny much. Shrek 4-D Adventure... see, hear, FEEL. Awesome always! This time we took the Magic Potion Spin (miniature ferris wheel)...

In Fairy Godmother's Potion Shop;
The DRAGON in Shrek! ;)

Gisiang had her lunch at Goldilocks. Then, we proceeded to The Lost World; Jurassic Park and Waterworld!!! Canopy Flyer... Dino-Soarin'... WaterWorld... Rapids Adventure...

On our own Pteranodon;

Live water show;

In Ancient Egypt... Revenge of the Mummy!!! our expression was epic, especially Gisiang and mine... we even went for a second time for a better expression, but totally FAIL! ._. Treasure Hunters... Singyee was the so-called driver of our vintage motor car... sibei slow. HAHAHA. Oh phew, there weren't any MUMMIES (mascots) around that day.

In Sci Fi City... the Battlestar Galactica: Cylon/Human have stopped operating for the longest while. But I doubt I will go for it, scary much. Accelerator is operating though (it is enough to make me spin?) I wonder what is TRANSFORMERS??? (opening in 2011)

Back to Hollywood... at The Brown Derby! to take photos of the headwear... fun always. By then, we were starving already. So we decided to have hawaiian pizza at Loui's NY Pizza Parlor! it smelt damn godly good....

cutezxz max!


While waiting for Lights! Camera! Action! to operate... I urged to go for Party-Go-Round! My first time for merry-go-around!!! Mad happy.

However, even after we shopped in the retails... Lights! Camera! Action! had not operate, so we decided to leave...


I'm sure EVERYONE OF US enjoyed ourselves! most importantly, the birthday girl was happy... and Gisiang is absolutely right, worth the effort! and the money. It's through her, I realise the power of surprises! HEHEHE, :> Once again, here to wish Singyee a HAPPY BIRTHDAY... hope you love the presents too! and thanks for the candies ♥

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