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Scare Uself @ Night Safari Halloween Horrors
Saturday, October 2, 2010
5:11 PM

@ Night Safari Singapore

with Jinglong, Andy, Joyce, Shawn

UHhhhh NO! why will the coward me spend to enter the doomed gates of Night Safari to scare myself! The brave NOT Andy was invited. He brought Jinglong and I along. I hesitated for I was worried I will get scare to tears. Can you imagine that I will scream and run if I see tall mascots around me... that's how timid I am! To my surprise, I took the challenge. But I never stop repeating... 我很怕! 我很怕! 我很怕! (Just to remind the guys, :P)

A night of terror begins... AHHHHH! Through the Haunted Village to the Gui Mansion... it is a horror to see these terrifying ghouls moving stealthily everywhere. Every time we walked towards the restless spirits, I would take a deep breath and held on till we passed by. BUT it didn't help, they are out to haunt for US! for stepping into their grounds...

GONG!!!!! and I fell off the pavement. How retarded!

Before the Gui Mansion... everyone will take a snap in case we will never be seen again!!! Instead of looking fearful (below), we were actually filled with FEAR! Initially, I thought that it was just the three of us ourselves entering the Gui Mansion... thankfully, there are two other couples joining us. Everyone let way from leading, courteously. Until one of the guy voluntarily offered to be the first...

Still, Andy and I were screaming our lungs OUT! as we fought NOT to be the last... the pitiful Jinglong had to suffer from our crazy screaming. What was worst, both Andy and I were grabbing his bulky bag tightly... and he could still stay calm. Hilarious much.

You, yOu, yoU! ANDY! how the hell you took these shots (above)? Aren't we too frightened to look at them!!! I can't even remember seeing these scare ghouls... all I did in the mansion was to push my way to be beside Jinglong! hahaha.

Spooky treats;
What's in the syringe? You must be mad to think it is BLOOD.
It's jelly, like yummilicious!!!

...after the huge fright, we decided to meet with Andy's friend, Shawn. Who brought along a friend, Joyce. The undead cannot harm you if you are in a group!!! a BIGGER group!

HEHEHE... the pumpkin looks cute!
*it grows*


Please, I have no idea why I was standing so close to him,
thought I was scared...?

Next, we took the Train of Terror! I urged to be seated between the BRAVE guys, as the ghouls will spring out from anywhere anytime!!! How matter prepared one is, it still will give you a fright when they appear out of a sudden from nowhere...

Horror fiesta in the creepy, dark rainforest...
with ghouls around!!!

Creatures of the Night Show - DO NOT MISS IT! Include it into your Night Safari activities... you will definitely be entertained by the animals, and of course the crews! You can be part of the show too...

The terror never ends! To step out of the Night Safari, we had to face these ghouls... no! no! no! NO WAY am I taking photos with any ghouls (not alone)... I will have nightmare!!!!! *scream, let's go! let's leave this horrible place please...*

STORM, stop pretending to be scare! you're right! BLEAH.

Y'know coulrophobia? Yes, I fear of clowns!

Aren't they scare of themselves, being dressed up in such terrifying outfits?

It was Andy who spotted her in front of the attap house! I hesitated for the longest while to be in the photo. You can't imagine how the four of us hopped down once the photo was taken... funny much!


Photos credit to: ANdyStorm, Leon Grey

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