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Life is a ladder
Thursday, November 4, 2010
9:22 PM


After our trip to a Jade Factory, where we gained knowledge of jadestones... we headed to The Great Wall of China (长城) - the great unmissable ancient architecture...

I was overly confident and underestimated the wall. The flight of stairs vary in depth... of the first flight (it is very steep!!!), I had to use my palm to push myself up! But I did not want to give up, I want to enjoy the expansive views and fresh air...

Yay, I passed the signal beacon... on the way up to the carriageway! What pushes me to go on was the people around, the old couples getting down the steps... the young man carrying the toddler up... etc.


[Jiang jiang jiang]
They are the champs
...who were up at the tower!

By the time I reached the carriageway, they were already halfway down from the tower. So I decided to stop there, and we got down together. Oh well, I was the last to land at the starting point. rol ekopwols!

Then, we headed to The Ming Tombs (十三陵-长陵)... 阿 MAY told us, 'it is better not to take photo of oneself' in there. But you need to know this... the layout model of The Ming Tombs is au'some! like WOW!!!

at 达意
*only the peanuts rock!

Baoshutang (宝树堂制药有限公司)

Summer Palace (颐和园)
...longevity hill

...long corridor of 2,388-ft decorated with over 14,000 scenic paintings.

Beijing Night Show (北京夜) is a beautiful threatre show. The performance, lighting, costumes etc are admirable! It's my first time watching... and I was impressed. What's more we got to dine in the place... like kings and queens. HAHAHA! and it was the best meal I have in Beijing!

Satisfied with the night, ^^

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