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'Ice cream & Dessert Buffet' @ Swenson's
Sunday, October 3, 2010
12:00 PM

@ Swenson's

with Kaizhi, Ash, Yingzi, Joyce, Andy, Jinglong, Weijie

(taken after our meal *bloated*)

I always wish to decorate my own ICE CREAM! so there was one night, I shared my lil' plan with Limei... she was keen with the idea too! That, she suggested we will head to Woodlands Waterfront (somewhere neither of us have been to...) To make it a successful one, I thought we should share it with the capable planner, Jinglong. We were happily discussing about it. But sadly, the plan was aborted due to some reasons.

However, Andy shared about the ice cream buffet @ Swensen's with me! We were both excited... but I had a hard time gathering the rest, and it failed. I gave up! but thankfully knowing that we were looking forward, Jinglong did the planning for us... and yes! he managed to come up with the event as a celebration for Andy's and Weijie's POP celebration. Awesome or what. It was a success, definitely! (if not why am I sharing it...)


ice cream & DESSERT!
(I never expect there will be cakes...)
IcE cReAm! TOpPiNgS! fOnDuE! cAkEs!

We showed enthusiasm in decorating the ice cream...
(I feel like a kid!)
我们的decorative ice cream! happy us, :D

What's MORE...
CaKeS! pIzZa! WaFfLeS! mArShMeLlOw! IcE cReAm!
NO!!! these are theirs... not MINE,
except for the marshmellow, and the cakes...

老师早 同学们好 我们一起上课了。。。
YES! our teacher, Mr Ashton Khoo!
I was supposed to be helping with the marking... but I FAIL AS A TEACHER!

The teachers are buzzzy!
and so... the students took photo, :)

Let's go! Let's go! Bill pleaseee...
(it's worth the experience)

*it will be awesome if our lil' plan works someday*

before I ciao to grandmother's place! for home-cooked crabs... yummy LEH!

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