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Growing up...
Friday, October 22, 2010
9:18 PM

I'M SORRY! if I fail... it is the FIRST week of work, and I already have doubts in myself. Even though I know if I do my best, I can 99% survive in here. But what's the best? I, for sure, hate to do OVERTIME. Because I need time for my family, friends and definitely myself. What's more, I have to attend to my health that is to go for adjustments and do the (total of 1.5 hours) of exercises daily. It's tiring... especially that I face the computer for more than 8 hours everyday. The only time I have for myself is while I walk to and fro the station. A (15 + 15) minutes walk... or rather QUICK walk. I thought, I can do it but sometimes I do feel like giving up. Still, for the money. I HAVE TO do it! Not only that, I really don't want to disappoint the people who have faith in me. My parents, my friends... I want to show them, I HAVE GROW UP. I can look after myself... but it seems like I'm failing to. Other than, the fact that I don't take allowance for my parents already. Unless they willingly give it to me. If not, I somehow have expressed in words or rather expressions that I REALLY HATE WORKING. or should I say, working overtime. However, I need to admit... I like the company (the boss and my colleague, @christgoh). I do like this learning environment as well. Hopefully, it won't get too stressful or too tiring... as my health may not take it. I'm weak, I know... so I need to strive hard in my youth to make sure I will have a better tomorrow. Honestly, there are so many things I really wish I can do... but it is all about MONEY. Need first, instead of want. Therefore, my wellness come first in everything. Since it was my biggest wish since I was in primary. Whatever... I need my friends to be supportive, give me the encouragement. I also do wish that they can be understanding. For all that, I really want to thank my dearest mother as she is always concern about me. Especially when I'm working. Sometimes, I hope for a awesome boyfriend who can bring out the best of my mother. REALLY!

(p.s stay on... i love talking to you! ^^)

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