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One World One Dream;
Tuesday, September 21, 2010
2:47 PM


...after visiting the Forbidden City, we supposed to take a trishaw ride to tour the Beijing Hutongs (胡同), a type of narrow alleys formed by lines of siheyuan (四合院), to visit the commoners' residence. I was really keen on taking the ride, but the tour mates decided to give it a miss as they feared of the hot weather, and the dust. I know right, there is trishaw ride in Singapore. But I never got on one before! That's why I was looking forward to the trishaw ride which costs RMB10 = SGD2 only!!! Compared to Singapore's, it is extremely cheap!

So we proceeded to Bei Hai Park...

On the way, I spotted the electric bus! This is the non-autonomous electric bus; the trolleybus powered by two overhead electric wires. It has many advantages! but most importantly, electric vehicles are more environmental friendly than fossil-fuel or hydrocarbon-based vehicles. Ha pardon me, I'm actually fascinated by the wires. Especially overhead wires! I D K WHY.

Here we are, at Bei Hai Park (北海公园)!
Complaints Hotline!
they sure are willing to take in complains.
unlike Singapore's style.

Bei Hai Park is an imperial garden for more than 1000 years since the 10th century. It is filled with historically important structures, palaces and temples...

In the middle of Bei Hai is the Jade Island,
...topped by 36 metre high
White Dagoba (tibetan-style stupa).

Chinese dragons,
...represented the power of the emperor,
adorning his imperial buildings.
It is a beneficent beast
offering protection and good luck.

Beijing Roast Duck is ♥♥♥!
(but I missed it out in this photo)

Next, we visited the Temple of Heaven...

On the way, I noted treetags! where either a red or green metal plate is on the tree. It is actually the tree identification labels! The red treetag represents the tree which is 300 years and above, while the green treetag represents the tree which is 300 years and below.

Temple of Heaven (天坛) is the largest temple complex in China and a paradigm of Chinese architectural balance and symbolism which was constructed from 1406 to 1420. It was visited by the emperors for prayer to the heaven.

"The golden finial is 38 metres high.
The name plaque is written in calligraphy.
The circular roof symbolizes the sky.
Blue represents the color of heaven.
Red is an imperial color.
Dragon motifs represents the emperor.
Phoenix motifs represents the empress.
Tablets were worshipped."

On the marble platform,

Before we leave the Temple of Heaven...

^^ 我的哥哥很帅meh?

I had him to pose against this wall
because I like the color combination!

The color combination is more attractive than him!!!

So I have been mentioning a lot on the buildings and details, but no I won't miss out the people and their pastimes. U'see I personally feel that the people has a healthy and carefree lifestyle! which makes me envy. Every year 3 millions of the Chinese retire. The mandatory retirement age is 60 for men and 50 for women. The retirees spend their time hanging out in the streets chatting with their friends or congregating in parks doing tai chi, ballroom dancing or some other activity.....

Don't we all wish to be part of them?
Retiring early to enjoy their remaining time happily.


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