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Now! slow down, go away by yourself, and simply be.
Thursday, September 16, 2010
6:32 PM

I can't believe that I actually grow to enjoy doing what I used to think is a chore...

Imagine this; [(8 sets of 10) x 10 sec] + 2[(8 sets of 10) x 10 sec] + 1200 sec = 3600 sec = 60 mins = 1 hr everyday, (7 hrs) this week will be concentrated on my exercise and stretch! but... I didn't rant about it, like how I used to at the start. For a perfect reason! and that's we see improvement in my health. Hooray!

Not only that. I have plenty of me time now, and I'm happy! even though I'm aware that it won't last long... for sooner, I will start to complain about how much it kills to wake up late almost everyday and doing nothing until the moon falls. But at least for now, I'm occupied with...

almost everyday, I wake up at 12 noon and goes oh shit! I made a declare last night, that I will wake up at 9AM and sleep before 12 midnight. okay never mind, I will do so tomorrow. and it repeats everyday... like a recorder running through my mind. ha! Then, I will do my exercise and stretch (half the sets in the afternoon & half the sets in the night).

...and needless to say, I will sit in front of the laptop for the whole day! if I'm not meeting my friend/ if I'm not going for my adjustment/ etc. But for a start, this week is wonderful. I remember meeting Jinglong at Bugis Parco for I wanted to be introduced to the games they were addicted to. Then I went for facial at Wheelock. After, I headed back to Bishan for adjustment. And as I was waiting for the girlfriends to be back in Bishan, I decided to go to the library. Picked up a book and read it, until the library closes. Had heart to heart chat with Gisiang, sharing with her on the China trip etc... and today, I bumped into Kaixin... talked to her for awhile too.

THE POINT IS: I'm enjoying life now! it's slowing down.

Everyday I look forward to sharing on the China trip! I will need to download the photos; filter, edit, post! and it takes quite some time. Aside from that, I have been enjoying the walk to and fro Bishan on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday for my adjustments. I have been taking the buses so often, so sometimes it seems like I took the longest time to walk the shortest distance. or maybe, I just wish for someone to be walking with me. Whatever it is, I take it as an exercise. There are times... I will drop by the library for the books and coffee.

When I'm home, I will have to do the exercise and stretch again! But I'm totally fine with it now, because I don't feel tired doing it. Then, I was working and life was in a rush. Now, I have all the time for myself! and I luv'it.

Wish I can stay on with this slow paced life... but dream on man!

...I will just hope that I continue being motivated to do my exercise and stretch daily, for another 10 and 1/2 months. 加油加油在加油! :D

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