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"... lover you all happy china"
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
8:58 PM


...waking up at 5ish in the morning is terrible! especially when I only slept at 3AM. What's worst, I hate to be rushed. Unless I know I'm running late... if not I'll be extremely! irritated with the person for being kan chiong! Sad to say, the mother had to do it and I was pissed. But I couldn't blame her as she was excited for this holiday and was afraid we would miss the flight.

All was well, when we arrived at the airport... 30-45 minutes earlier than the rest! like omg, I was so tired! Until the others arrived, we checked in and went to have our (very early) breakfast... kaya toast and mee rebus.

After our breakfast...

On the plane... (yay, I got the window seat!)

Flying... (goodbye Singapore)

After the plane took off, I read the Reader's Digest. Chanced upon this really! funny joke under the 'Laugh!:)' section and I'm gonna share it with you here...

"Dracula dies from a heart attack right afther catching his favourite vampire series on TV. He goes to heaven where he's allowed to choose three qualities to have in his next life.

Dracula thinks really head and finally makes up his mind. First, he says, "I still want to be able to suck blood."

Then he says, "I want to have wings so I can fly."

Lastly, after thinking for the longest time, he says, "And I want all women to want me."

Whoosh - he was promptly turned into a sanitary pad."

Isn't it funny? LAUGH DIE ME.

Sooooo boys and girls, be careful with what you wish for! ^^

Next, it was the sweetest (and funniest) conversation between dearest daddy and brother...

"...lover you all happy china" wtf??? hahahahahahaha!
That's my daddy's broken English. but hey, he tried.
Thumbs up for the effort (for making us laugh), :)


We arrived Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (厦门高崎国际机场) at around 1300 hours. By then, I was feeling energetic after the laughter.

The brother took a photo with a BIG lollipop!
but I'm not gonna post it in here... y'know why?
I'm soooo jealous, everyday there he got comment like 你很帅!

EEEYER! *puke*

Ha, I'm kidding.
At least, I got such comment too! :P

We boarded the plane again... to Tianjin Binhai International Airport (天津滨海国际机场). I couldn't believe that a China guy smoked in the airport (with the signboard, 'No Smoking', right in front of him) and no one bothers to stop him! (Note: Please bear with me if I rant too much in these posts. It's my experience there, anyway.)

At there, we were welcomed by our tour guide! 阿 MAY. We left on a private bus to Beijing... and it took a freaking 2 hours 30 minutes before we reached the restaurant for dinner, as there was a jam. If you didn't know... the driver and passenger may alight the vehicle for fresh air and exercises while they wait for the traffic to start moving. It is unlikely to see such situation in Singapore. Aside from that, the steering wheel is on the left of the vehicle. Similar to those vehicles in Malaysia, not here in Singapore.

Spotted some mehmeh! so cute.

阿 MAY is knowledgeable. She shared with us about some types of food which shouldn't be eaten together. If you eat things together that you shouldn't have, you will not be able to assimilate all the nutrients. I find it interesting... (but before I share it, I shall do some research)

Reached our destination...

The food look good but... TOO SALTY!
(it's pathetic, i never liked peas but it was the best in this meal)

It's the beginning of my nightmare then...
as I remembered that WY told me,
one may not be used to the food there.

Checked in the hotel at around 2100 hours...

and the timid me got frightened that night, while the mother and brother were out. I was washing my face... *piang* wtf! I looked up at the mirror immediately and no one was in sight. Then, I turned around and ran out of the washroom. I was about to cry, but the curious me decided to check it out. Well, the wall tile dropped and cracked. I panicked, thinking that we would be charged for it. So I decided to inform 阿 TEE uncle (daddy's friend), who stayed next room. I took the room card out (forgetting that the electricity, including light, will turn off automatically after 5 minutes?) and went on to knock on the door. He was on the phone. Therefore I headed back to the room and did my daily exercise. As I was doing so, I noted fingerprints on the ceiling... I was more afraid! and suddenly, the light turned off!!! I dashed to the door... and when I was about to scream... my family came back. *sweat* SIBEI DRAMA LOR.

Photo for the day!
With them back by my side, I felt secure.

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