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How do I look like a China lady?
Friday, September 17, 2010
11:44 PM


"Hooray!yeah! for the next 9 days, I will have breakfast!" But if I was running late for the gathering time, I will need to give breakfast a miss. Thankfully, there was morning call!

...since the first meal I had in China was terror, I decided to be picky! with my choice of food. No oily food! No salty food! No awful food! but at one look, I could only tell what's oily but not what's salty or awful. That was why I decided to select the presentable dishes...

*jiang x3 jiang*
French toasts, sausages, bacons and sunny side up...
to make into sandwiches! with additional cereals in milk,
for the next 5 days in Huandao Boya Hotel.

In the hotel hall,
On the private bus...

Our first destination was to National Centre for the Performing Arts (国家大剧院) - "The Egg", which is located in Xicheng district (west of Tian'an Men Square). It is a multi-purpose venue that sets for classcal concerts, ballet, and opera, as well as art exhibitions.

An ellipsoid dome spliced of
18398 titanium plates and
1226 ultra white glass panels,
to create the stage curtain visual effect.

On our way to Tian'an Men Square...

Great Hall of the People (人民大会堂),
Seat of the Chinese legislature,
the vast auditorium and
banqueting balls.

In Tian'an Men Square (天安门广场)...

A vast open concrete expanse at the center of Beijing.
With Mao's Mausoleum at its focal point.

Monument to the People's Heroes (人民英雄纪念碑),
An obelisk that was erected in 1958.

"The granite monument is decorated with
bas-reliefs carved out of white marble
covering the revolutionary episodes."

Tian'an Men (天安门),
A national symbol.

"Mao proclaimed the founding of the
People's Republic of China
on October 1, 1949
from this Ming dynasty gate,
where his huge portrait still remains."

A group photo of the tour mates in China,
(this is the one and only completed group photo)

daddy's friend's sister-in-law, daddy's friend's nephew,
daddy's friend's daughter, daddy's friend's son,
daddy's friend, daddy's friend,
brother, mother and I.

So confusing! but we are from FIVE different families,
out of the NINEsome.

& here is the THREEsome from my family,
Do you notice the security guard behind us ?
I was shocked! for the security guards stand upright,
at the same position, with less movements.

Behind the Tian'an Men gate...

The brass studs on the palace door,
It is designed by numbers;

"The key to Chinese design is harmonious of principle of yin and yang. As odd numbers represent yang (the preferred masculine element associated with the emperor), the numbers three, five, seven, and the ultimate odd number - nine, recur in architectural details."

There are usually 81 studs on the doors for imperial use,
as nine times nine is especially fortunate.


The SHOPS, for EAT and PLAY!
which will usually be seem at places of attraction in China...

We explored the Forbidden City.....

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