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✈ 我终于!回到新加坡了!
Monday, September 13, 2010
3:33 PM

Home is always the best.....

Finally! I'm back in Singapore! The moment the flight landed, I said to myself... 'OMG! I SURVIVED THE 10 DAYS IN CHINA!' Ha. It sounded as if I went there for a war or something. But no, I was at Beijing and Shanghai for holiday! but there is a love-hate feeling towards this getaway... and I can't describe it clearly. So, as much as I enjoyed myself, I suffered too. Cried a bit, but it won't solve a thing. It seriously hurts me to have such a thought that can instantly waste my (our) effort of moving towards the word 'perfect'. Time tells all, it had proven me.

Anyway, we're finally back (safe and sound)! and everyone at home is fine, pretty fine. Dearest daddy came to the airport to fetch us... and it was then we knew that the youngest brother was admitted to the hospital in the morning. (HUH!) I was more worry for my daddy who is suffering from asthma and never did I expect to hear this new. So we headed to TTSH to fetch him... on the way, we almost meet into an accident.

Shoo! BAD LUCK, STAY AWAY FROM US! This ******* driver LAH... ok, honestly I don't know much about the rules and regulations of driving. But I'm very sure my daddy was in the lane and the lady driver was cutting the lane yet she pointed fingers at us! wtfseriouslybbq. My parents were pissed! ok... I know my daddy's attitude, he gets piss off easily. But my mummy doesn't. Therefore, we followed her vehicle and wanted to clarify the situation. That's when the vehicle behind almost banged in ours as the lady stopped her vehicle without signalling. Obviously the timid me got frightened. She was loud and worst, RUDE! this lady is terrible. Why does she even bother to say sorry if she said she didn't point fingers at us... and uh, she began the conversation in Chinese! but changed to English when she prolly knows that her Chinese aren't good compared to my parents... or wait! was she thinking that my parents don't understand English. Whatever it is, being a gentleman, my daddy drove off. I gave her and the guy beside her, A HARD STARE! C'mon, you spoilt our conversation... we were happily talking about our trip in China! and what's more, we have no time for her as we're gonna fetch the youngest brother who is ill. Lesigh, for a moment then... I missed China. Not because of how the people get to drive anyhowly, but because they don't pick a quarrel or fight even in such situation. or maybe I never encountered it there, yet. Whatever~

I satisfied my craving for laksa. Y'know, I'm not a picky eater... but in China, the food is uh... ... not to my liking. It is either awful, oily or salty! V. terrible. But the KFC there is much nicer than Singapore's! Yum yum~

Home sweet home.

I wanted to have a nap, but Mrs called me... to arrange for a date to celebrate the junior's birthday. Then, I was told the juniors got scolded for their 'poor' works the other day. I feel bad as I'm not able to help them, never will I be able to. History repeats... why the fuck when I was around no such situation happens? like seriously why is the loser venting on the juniors all these time. I meant when I was around, he never ever raise his voice at them or complain about them... whatever man he should accept the fact that not everyone is the same and stop comparing them with us! It makes the juniors feel that they're very poor in design, in fact they aren't! He is a loser. Period.

Uh yes, and the first message I received is from J. I was looking forward to it as we planned to meet up before A's enlistment. The usual, we will catch a movie. Resident Evil. After, we decided to stay out longer... the night is still young. So Bone? fetched us to Wheelock Starbucks to chill. and they did split, can't stop laughing at how foolish they're. Bleh.

and so as of today, it is very impossible for the three of us to meet up often. only on the Saturday! but sian, Saturday is a clubbing day for them! Z.

P.S Botak A is cute! :D

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