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Monday, August 9, 2010
11:59 PM

The Sunday night (after Marché-ing w. girlfriends), I was back to Bishan hometown to meet Andrew and Joshua. I can't remember the last time we took photos together... months ago? But here is one above!!!!!!!!!! (it's never easy to get them to take a photo with me lor) We have been meeting weekly in the night for movies (Inception, Tekken...). Nevertheless, I enjoy every minute with them.

This week, we caught 'Salt'. But something happened... ... we entered the hall (around 5 minutes later) and the film was showing already! We interrupted and settled down quickly, to realise that the film was showing towards the ending. I took out the tickets and oh no! It was the 11:20PM tickets instead of the 12:20AM tickets. GG lah! Why didn't I check the timing of the tickets after I collect them, guilty much. So Andrew suggested to hop to the next hall which will be showing at 12:20AM. But we didn't know which hall to enter... 5 or 6??? I peeped into hall 5, it was showing 'The Last Airbender' (the show I wanted to watch badly), so we entered hall 6 to realise that it wasn't showing 'Salt'. Then, a lady got up towards us... we told her the situation, and thankfully she helped us to get the tickets changed. Yet, the counter person gave us the tickets to the wrong hall!!! I'm not the one being blur... the people at the counter are the blur one man!!! (hurhur)

The film ended in the midnight and they had their usual late night supper. Then, (of course) we would go to a nearby place to relax... ... I wish to hang out awhile longer with them. But I was dozing off... home sweet home at 3AM plus~

P.S We dicussed to go Genting together before Andrew's enlistment, but I know it won't happen (anytime soon). US!

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