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Just 4 laugh;
Friday, August 6, 2010
11:59 PM

The Friday night was extremely enjoyable. Excluding that I needed to do overtime. Which I dislike most when I have plans in the night. 'Thankfully' the awfully blur driver drove at a fast speed, if not I will be ever guiltier for letting Kaixin smelt the good home cooked food and not getting to taste them until I was there at her place. However, I felt giddy after the bus trip...

But I was well when I saw her, the happygolucky girl! We had our dinner before heading out for a cycle in Bishan. Y'know... before we sat on the bicycles, I accidentally hit Kaixin's hip with the bicycle! (lolMAX) No wonder our mothers were worried that we may meet into an accident, for she's blur and I'm clumsy. Anyway, we cycled from Bishan Street 13 to Bishan Street 24. Where we did light exercises in Bishan ACTIVE before heading to my place for my exercise programme. Then, we cycled back to her place (after a short conversation with my mother). It was a windy night... and there were many stars watching us! The BIGGEST star was her! (hehe)

Facebook, Twitter, CAMEROID!!! We couldn't stop laughing at our 'distorted' face with weird expressions. LAUGH DROP ROLL!

The Saturday morning... we had breakfast at the nearby market. Beancurd and porridge!♥ I even let an old lady smile through her lonely heart! And I'm glad I did, proud of myself! pat pat*

And the rest of Saturday was spent with her as well as Andy, Joyce, Jinglong and Yingzi. At KALLANG LEISURE PARK for ice skating and Nihon Mura then EAST COAST PARK for night cycling. I must say, it was an awesome entertaining day!

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