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It's killing me inside;
Sunday, August 29, 2010
10:31 PM

I'm all about me, just me. This makes me a selfish soul.

A moment ago...

I was blasting the music through the headphones trying hard to concentrate on planning my tight schedule for this week. Then, dearest mother gave me a buzz and asked for help, regarding where 'Inception' can be catch online. I gave her a quick reply and continued with my stuff. But my answer is of no help, because I didn't know her question is for her friend. Therefore I need to repeat myself, in details. I jotted down the application's name only (even though I'm aware that she'll ask me how to download the application).

I felt irritated as I'm feeling busy, yet she had to disturb me!!!!!

So she took the piece of paper (put it away) and walked into her room... it had me thinking, WHY ARE YOU (AM I) LIKE THAT! M came straight into my mind, "Say sorry to your mother!" I reflected on what I did to her... 齐啊, this is not the first time! I teared. I picked up the paper and jotted down the steps, then passed to her.

What hurt more is... she said, you go ahead with your stuff... don't worry about me.

P.S I have to learn to control my emotions! P.S P.S M is an influence to my life. Imagine him appearing in my mind at time like this, it is hard to say I clearly forget about him. NEVER WILL I! P.S P.S P.S Mummy, I'm sorry. Please stay patient with me. P.S P.S P.S P.S Did I just waste an hour typing this? Ha.

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