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In Yukata;
Thursday, August 26, 2010
4:31 PM

夏祭り @ The Japanese School

with Jasmine, Nerissa, Serena

Years back, I was wondering how does the interior of The Japanese School looks... and last Saturday (21/08) I was in the school for the festival, Natsu Matsuri! It is such an attractive traditional cultural event.

Unlike them, I wasn't looking forward to put on the yukata (浴衣) with obi (帯). I was worrying that I won't look good in it (or rather I can't portray this pretty traditional Japanese clothing). And yey' I was right about that! I looked plump and short (haha). But I was glad I tried on it, good experience. Being wrapped tightly in the yukata under the extremely hot weather. What's worst, my hair is not tie up. I wanted hair bun, neat and tidy. But I don't know how to do one. Well, at least I felt like a part of them.

It feels like a fun fair. A Japanese fun fair (ha)! There are stalls selling accessories, apparels, drinks, food, gifts, snacks, etc. There are game stalls too! What's so shocking is, I never expect such a huge crowd (Y'see, I wasn't into such event).

cutezxz sio

After the long queue for food and drinks, we headed to the field. Where the performing stage is. Camwhored while having the Japanese meal...

Me looks plump and short uh, but...

I have the prettiest bow!!!

Japanese kids;

BON ODORI, 盆踊り (Japanese traditional dance)! Bon means welcoming ancestors' souls and holding a memorial service for the souls. That's the part I was excited for, as the girls mentioned that it is fun. YAY, I have to admit that it is an interesting dance. Everyone lined up in a circle around a yagura, dancing to the happy music. An awesome night! Luv'it!

Us in Yukata;
Qi, Jas, Ner, Na

Thank you! I had my fun, and were happy to see you girls after so long. Glad that Serena managed to persuade me to tag along, even though I completely had no interest in it. But yes, now... I WANT TO GO FOR SUMMER FESTIVAL EVERY YEAR!!! (hehe)

P.S I like all the photos from Nerissa's lomo LC-A? or it is I always like slide films more?

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