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Hang on, Marché-ing;
Monday, August 9, 2010
11:58 PM

OHMIGODIKNOWRIGHT... ... I'm always sharing on the gathers with the blogmates but IT DOESN'T MEANT I STOP HANGING OUT WITH MY OL' FRIENDS. NO ONE CAN REPLACE THEIR PLACES IN MY ♥ (hehe) I'm soooo sweet right ^^

In fact, I hang out with them more often than before. At least once in the month. It is the moment when I'm with them... I feel that time is never enough. It makes me cherish every minute with them as I won't know when is the next time I will get to see them. Not because we aren't close, but we have our own commitments. And usually, I'm the busy bee.


The Sunday afternoon, we gathered at Vivo City for light shopping and Marché. It was my first time dining in Marché. The restaurant has a delightful ambience, and it operates on the 'cashless' system where we were each given a guest card that records the order we make. Cool or whatz. But if you lose the card... you will be in deep shit (it will be a $100? fine).

We were for the signature dish, Rösti, a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes. I had the swiss (mushroom) rosti, it tastes good. But I believe the swiss (smoked salmon) rosti is better!!! I got to try one bite of the salmon, and it was great... though I never like salmon. Also, I had the Mövenpick!!! swiss chocolate ice cream! It is love. Aside from these, what catch my attention were the assorted buns and breads, as well as the cakes. I didn't have them as I'm stuffed, but they are interesting to the eyes. I will sure be back for the pastries and cakes...

Marché Restaurant
1 Harbourfront Walk
#03-14 Singapore 098585
(65) 6376 8226

Once again, it was a great day. Full of laughter. I'm happy to have the girlfriend @gisiang @limsingyee @Vonneyuwen to be here for me, always. Love ya girls, xoxo.

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