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All is well;
Monday, August 2, 2010
11:59 PM

All is well. All is well. All is well.

As of today (August), I'm in debt. For I made up my mind to go for the health treatments, and the daddy's friend is willing to do the payment for me (first). It costs thousands but I believe all is worth, if I see a good improvement in me. Now, I'm a patient. Being booked for appointments on every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 07:15PM - 07:45PM (or later 08:30PM)...

That's why I'm desperate for Money and Time.

Anyhow, after my first official treatment... I sincerely thought of treating the uncle to dinner. But y'know lah, it turns out to be his treat. We dined in Din Tung Fung; have Dan Dan mian, fried rice with shredded pork and egg, steamed prawns and pork dumplings, and OF COURSE Xiao Long Bao (steamed pork dumplings)!!! Yummilicious.

What's more... he shared his travelling experiences with the mother and I. I was WOW-ing throughout the conversation, hoping he will bring my family along to somewhere, someday (again). And yes, he asked if we will like to join him to Shanghai, in September, for the exhibitions. OMG, that is a rare chance! But will I be able to get a week leave?

Update 04/08 12:30AM/ Time is precious

Every minute is important to me... and I will not tolerate if any (unimportant) soul try to steal my time away. Sounds so harsh! Don't leave me LAH, I was kidding. I don't mean YOU! So... dear friends, I'm still around for you ^^

But honestly, I'm finding time. For my family, my friends and most importantly, myself! Everyday I have to be committed to do exercising and stretching, which takes (10 times x 10 secs) + 2 (10 times x 10 secs) respectively. Around 5 minutes only. Plus another 5 minutes laying on my back, which add up to 10 minutes. But... that's for the first week only! Every week, the time needed will increase... and I must not miss a day without these. I need to be discipline! So I'm planning to do these every morning before I go to work. It may(not) be a good idea... for either I will be earlier for work or later for work. BUT I guess as of August, I shouldn't be late! For the rate of deduction increased to 1.5x... SERIOUSLY MAN, I find him an ultimate loser... for many reasons, but forget it.

yours truly me

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