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@ Pariss;
Wednesday, July 7, 2010
2:31 AM

Pariss Singapore @ Marina Square...
on a Saturday afternoon for baby cousin's 1st month.

Dear mother and I went an hour before the buffet counter clears, that meant we didn't get to try majorities of the delicacies. Yet, the minorities were satisfying and both of us decided to bring the family there on a weekend. They will definitely love the yum-yum-yummilicious food! :>

I promise myself to be on an empty stomach, if I'm going to buffet, so I won't be missing out on the good food...

Dearest Mummy and I

Asian Favourites (Chili Crabs, Seafood Fried Rice,
Seasonal Vegetables with Mushrooms and more)

FRESH seafood (Mussels, Scallops, Tiger Prawns...
Premium Live Oysters, Baby Lobsters, Crayfish and more)

BBQ and DEEP FRIED (Ebi Tempura, Potato Wedges,
Honey Baked Chicken Drumlets, Skewered Prawns, Baked Scallops and more)

SOUP (Cream of Mushroom, Shark's Fin Superior Broth
and more)

enjoying life...

Dessert (Assorted Pastries and Puddings, Ice-Cream, Fresh Fruits,
Fresh Fruits, Free flow of Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juices and Soft Drinks and more)

View from the function room...
where I got to witness the army tanks, police cars, ambulances etc, preparing for NDP preview!


After the lunch buffet, it is NDP Preview @ PADANG with the mother and girlfriends.

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