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Sunday, June 20, 2010
11:59 PM


(with girlfriend, Yvonne)

Flying with the budget airline, Tiger Airways;
Exterior of Thailand Airport;
On the way to Bangkok (BKK);
Into the narrow street where the hotel,
Citin Pratunam is located;
On the first look, Citin Pratunam does remind me of Hotel81. However, Yvonne did assure me that the room is of a good (very good) standard (I am not saying that Hotel81's rooms are bad? Because I never ever been there before). Therefore, I was not worry at all. And YES, the hotel room we booked was comfortable for us!

Immediately after we checked in and placed our luggage in the room, we went for our late lunch...

The buzzzy street outside the hotel;
It is in Baiyoke Sky Hotel;
There is no beautiful scenery, but...
I always get fascinated by the wires hanging from pole to pole!
Details details details.
(such a weirdo uh)

Here we are in Snow Bar;
No. It is not like Eski Bar!!!
The complete opposite of cold, WARM!

The menu;
LOOK everything is cheap!

What's in the bar;
Glass bottle drinks;
Phat Thai;
It is a SHOP-EAT-PLAY place!
There are plenty of clothes for sale, food and drinks, guitar, pool tables etc...

Next, we headed to Platinum Fashion Mall;
There is more than 1,300 shops... and we can be there for hours!
Somehow, it feels like Bugis Village + Far East Plaza!

There are security guards around,
so I felt safe even though I am alone at times.

In the TAXI;
We hired the TAXI most of the times!
Once in awhile, we will take the TUK TUK.

The feeling I had in Bangkok is completely different from how I am feeling back in Singapore. There, the people are friendly (maybe over friendly?). The working people looks carefree, they do not 'snatch' customers instead they share. The shoppers do not create a fight or whatever (stare, etc) when they bang into each others. It does not meant that Singapore always has such situations, but I do see these situations once in awhile. Like how we 'TSK TSK' or -roll eyes- when someone pushes us, etc. Oh wellz...

To Union Mall;
Where I bought a pair of jeans and t-shirt for each of my brothers!
I meant it is cheaper compared to Singapore's.
But, the cutting is not very much to liking.

Worst, I double checked their sizes with Jinglong helping me to contact my mother.
But in the end, all the jeans were suitable for my youngest brother only.
Kua kua kua, NOOB MUCH!

Yvonne's adorable nails;

I only paint my toe nails, and I like it very much!
Honestly, I am not someone who will do manicure/pedicure.

Dinner on the first night;
I CAN SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! And forget about EAT!

Next morning, we headed to the nearby market...

There, it feels like 'Pasar malam'!
They have good cheap clothes.
Not my kind though.


We went Chatuchak Market! I like this market, but there is only 2? lanes selling clothes which I will prefer. It is crowded and we had a hard time meeting up with Yvonne's sister.

At Chinatown for dinner;
I was too busy with the food,
and I forgot to take photos.

Do try the bird nest;

Back in the hotel...


Busy with stock taking;
Busy with photo taking;

The last morning, I urged myself to wake up early and went down to the street for food...

The milo is sweet (extreme love)!
The dessert is tasty (looks digusting, though).
The chicken is crispy (but unhealthy, if you know how they make it crispy)!
Still, I like the food selling in the street stalls.


Dearest Yvonne,
Thank you for bringing me along,
taking care of me ever though you are sick.
It was a great experience shopping in Bangkok!
I enjoyed myself from this short getaway.

Lastly, the chat with you while we are at the airport was awesome!



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