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在 Bukit Timah Trail;
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
8:51 PM

Days ago...

Jinglong suggested to do photo shoot for Andy at the Bukit Timah Trail, a rich historical heritage of Bukit Timah. The 'sua ku' yet curious me decided to tag along to see how a railway looks like.

It was a long trip for (懒人) like me to travel to the destination. But nothing beats seeing their excited faces...

Behind the scenes;(via HTC Smart)

I was eager to capture this beautiful moment, and every lil' things... into my HTC Smart.
Snap snap snap away~

These are each of our 'raw' individual favourites;(Credits to: Leon Grey)

The weather turned bad;

Leaving this uniquely special place;

To Somerset 313 HMV;

Look Andy;

At *Scape Youth Park;

Does his style looks like ASH in POKEMON;-giggles-

Hong Kong Cafe for dinner;

Joyce leave us after dinner for work, and we decided to head to Orchard Central for more shoots! Wellz... of course is to shoot Andy, the Korean 帅哥, who is ever ready before the camera. Unlike me, always hiding away from it.

See, he sooooo vain;

Our reflections ♥;





End of the day; up to the top of Orchard Central sky garden, where I feel the cooling breeze... reaching out for the sky, hoping I can be high above. Awesomely beautiful scenery! (Y)

P.S 下一站, I want to explore Clementi Railway Bridge! ;)


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