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Sunday, June 20, 2010
11:59 PM

(with girlfriend, Yvonne)

I can hardly remembered visiting Bangkok with my family, until I look through the photo album..... it was a ________ (guess what) which leaves the DEEPEST impression. I remember my father holding a brown paper bag with holes, telling us he bought us a 'pet'. As primary school kids, we got excited whenever our parents buy us a new 'toy'. However, we were not allowed to open the bag, in case it escapes. One of the lucky siblings got to hold on to the bag tightly, until a man in uniform stopped us from entering the station. PET IS NOT ALLOWED!!! At the time, we panicked (now, I know there is such vehicles like TUK TUK, as well as TAXI, in Bangkok!). We desperately wanted our new 'pet', so we made an U-turn where we happened to see our neighbour, whom helped us to hide the bag into theirs. We acted as if we 'throw' it away (omg, we're not cruel people ok!) and walked into the station. Thanks goodness, they managed to sneak it in and returned it to us before we headed back to the hotel.

Back in the hotel room, we pleased our daddy to let us have a look. "WAH, 很可爱 (very cute) ley!", that's how my siblings and I reacted. He made a leash for it to tie it around the leg of a chair. "要喂它吃什么 (what should we feed it) ?" We have no idea what can it takes but we gave it slices of banana.

One day, when we went back to the hotel room, our 'pet' went missing. We searched the whole room and were close to tears. The next moment, someone came knocking at the room, it was the hotel in charge. We were told that the service cleaner was shocked to see it as pet is not allowed in hotels (so next time remember to put 'Do not disturb'!!!). However, they were willing to help us keep it until we check out, but she did not promise it to stay alive. Our eyes were beaming in delight although we were feeling worried for days.

The last day in Bangkok, we achieved it back (alive). They were equally excited when they saw this cute creature. However, they could not explain why it looked weak.

On our way to the airport...

We worried that it would be confiscated at the check point. We thought of many ways to keep it, as well as to make sure it would not escape..... and tadahs, we hid it into a sock ((oh well, I wonder how it actually feel to be in a sock, tied) Next, we had to think of who to be in charge of carrying it. NO, IT IS NEITHER OF OUR PARENTS. But ME ((the innocent face, or rather nerd face)!

I was very tensed up, especially after seeing my brother being called by a police officer regarding his injured arm. And guess what, the innocent me (ahem ahem, the last time I came back from Malaysia I got questioned if I brought cigarettes back!) actually DID IT! Yes, it was back home safely but looked sickly. We put it into a cage, at the balcony. We fed it with fruits, everyday.

After three? days, it was dead (cries).

Even now, telling you the story can make me tear.

But I learnt a precious lesson; NOT TO, NEVER EVER AGAIN, SMUGGLE A PET HOME. Firstly; if you get catch smuggling, you will be fined. Secondly; the pet may not be able to adapt to the new environment (weather etc). Thirdly; it may seem exciting to have a new pet, but it is not fun seeing it dead!!!



Dear squirrel (chipmuck?), I miss you very very much! :(

P.S I'm overenthusiastic to share about this cute lil' squirrel!
P.S P.S CLICK HERE for my recent Bangkok trip with the girlfriend, Yvonne!


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